Writerly Poised to Break the One Million User Barrier, Transforming E-Commerce SEO Along the Way

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Nashville’s AI startup, Writerly, a pioneering force in AI-driven productivity software and e-commerce SEO, is making headlines. The platform has not only amassed over 750,000 users but is also on track to break the 1 million user mark by the end of its inaugural year. With a daily influx of more than 2,500 new users, Writerly is setting a new standard in the industry.

Jon Ricketts, CEO and Co-Founder of Writerly, articulates the company’s meteoric rise: “The user growth we have experienced the past 9 months is a result of the global market getting more comfortable with generative AI applications as a means to achieve more productivity. It is also a testament to the efforts of our product and engineering teams who have delivered a platform that our users see a lot of value from. We are constantly listening to our users in order to better meet their needs and will continue to do so as we scale.”

The platform has clocked in over 443 million tokens of usage in 2023 alone. These aren’t just numbers; they’re a reflection of how Writerly is becoming an indispensable tool for content creators and marketers alike.

Understanding the evolving needs of its user base, Writerly introduced EKOM this past August. This specialized tool for e-commerce SEO is a game-changer. EKOM automates the intricate process of creating brand-specific, SEO-optimized product assets, all while offering dynamic updates to keep businesses at the forefront of the ever-changing online search landscape. EKOM is where data science meets retail search. You can visit the EKOM website at http://www.EKOM.ai.

The Road Ahead

The team at Writerly isn’t just celebrating their rapid ascent; they’re focused on what comes next. Committed to user-centric innovation and scalable solutions, Writerly is not just a platform but a partner for all things e-commerce, marketing, SEO and content creation. For those interested in learning more about Writerly’s transformative solutions, the platform invites you to be part of their growing community.


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