Workbox Ventures Announces its Spring 2023 Future of Work Accelerator Class

CHICAGO, May 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Workbox Ventures, the Future of Work focused venture arm of Workbox, today announced its Spring 2023 Cohort. The Workbox Future of Work Accelerator is an eight-week program designed to equip early-stage future of work ventures with the necessary skills and resources to successfully fundraise and scale their businesses. Upon completion of the program, participating teams also receive an additional year of support including capital introductions, ongoing mentorship and advising, and access to the entire Workbox network of business services. Workbox Ventures is currently accepting applications for its fall 2023 cohort.   

The Spring 2023 cohort includes a dynamic group of eight startups that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of work, using cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches to tackle the biggest challenges facing the workforce today. The participating companies are:

  • Adelant ( – Toronto, Canada: Adelant is an all-in-one solution that expedites employee onboarding and facilitates finding and accessing relevant workplace information.
  • KiteEdge ( – London, England: KiteEdge centralizes enterprise data through an intuitive AI search interface to empower employees with valuable insights for improved productivity, decision-making, and knowledge-sharing.
  • Learnie ( – Atlanta, Georgia: Learnie provides byte-sized peer-to-peer learning, resulting in increased employee retention and strategic upskilling for hybrid and distributed teams.
  • LiveEquipd ( – Chicago, Illinois: LiveEquipd reimagines equipment procurement for healthcare professionals and their patients with paralysis-related disabilities, using an AI – enabled solution, simplifying the procurement process and providing impactful resources for better patient outcomes.
  • Rate My Meeting ( – Amsterdam, Netherlands: Rate My Meeting collects peer feedback and uses AI to provide actionable insights that turn meetings into accessible sessions to foster a collaborative culture and improve productivity.
  • Viewpoint AI ( – Vancouver, Canada: Viewpoint AI combines human expertise and artificial intelligence to empower teams to avoid costly risks and make measurably better decisions.
  • Vouchery ( – San Mateo, California: Vouchery is an AI-powered promotion infrastructure that automates personalized e-commerce promotions and shapes customer engagement for improved ROI.
  • ZEAL ( – Denver, Colorado: ZEAL is the ultimate personalized AI travel app, connecting remote workers with resources and destinations for a seamless global experience and elevating tourism standards through collaboration and shared experiences.

“The ventures in our Spring 2023 Future of Work cohort are poised to make a lasting impact on the way that hybrid and distributed teams achieve high-performance across a range of industries and company sizes.  We look forward to all that these companies will achieve in partnership with Workbox and beyond, and we are proud to help them execute on their ambitious goals,” said Phil Leslie, Managing Partner of Workbox Ventures.

Read more about the Spring ’23 Accelerator class.

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