Vidsig Partners With College Shortcuts

VIDSIG’s College Experience Experts to Help Make College Exploration Easier

SAN FRANCISCO, May 5, 2022  /PRNewswire/ — Live, global video chat platform VIDSIG announced today it had partnered with College Shortcuts to provide live, one-to-one video chats for its thousands of high school students and parents it serves each year.

VIDSIG’s platform facilitates conversations that aim to provide honest answers directly from vetted college students across the United States to help make the challenging college process easier through ten-minute, live one-to-one video chats on or through VIDSIG’s new app.

"We were inspired by Neha’s TEDx Talk, and we knew that a partnership would be perfectly aligned," stated Jonathan Yarnold, Chief Executive Officer of VIDSIG. "There’s so much stress that goes into preparing for and hopefully getting into a dream school. VIDSIG’s College Experience Experts help ease that stress by providing clarity into target schools through simple and informative conversations with our hundreds of undergrads."

VIDSIG’s College Experience Experts are current undergrads representing 200+ colleges and universities across the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

"There is a big gap and need in the college exploration process around conversation and insight – and that’s exactly what VIDSIG fills," said Neha Gupta, CEO of College Shortcuts. "College Shortcuts is aimed to help bring the consciousness back to college admissions. All day, I hear about competitiveness, stress, anxiety, and frustration and yelling in homes around the world over this, and our partnership with VIDSIG will help quell these occurrences in a very impactful way."

"Neha and College Shortcuts clearly understand how to help high school students succeed – and we’re proud to be a part of that process going forward," continued Yarnold. "Both parents and students are having these amazing conversations across the country about school safety, Greek life, and a ton of other topics that you’re not necessarily going to get answered by a school website or brochure, and it’s happening in a very powerful way."

Live, one-to-one video chat sessions with the College Experience Experts are $25 for 10 minutes. Interested parents, students, and educators should visit and to learn more.

To download the new VIDSIG app, visit the App Store.

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