Veritas Funding Scottsdale: A Home Lender You Can Trust

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Aug. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Veritas Funding has built a unique foundation over the last 15 years that has helped Veritas to become the preferred lender of thousands of borrowers across the country.

Veritas has aimed for a culture of openness, support, dependability since the beginning. The team of highly skilled specialists over at Veritas are dedicated to offer excellent mortgage solutions, speaking openly and honestly, and always developing their knowledge and skill set in order to provide the best service possible.

This brand has grown into the mortgage lender that families trust with their future because of its commitment to never stop learning.

"Since day one, we’ve strived toward a culture of transparency, support, and dependability. Our team of highly skilled professionals has committed to providing superior mortgage solutions, communicating openly and honestly, and continuously improving their knowledge and skillset to offer the best service they can."

Veritas only provides mortgage related services, which means they’re committed to get customers approved and funded for a loan as quickly and efficiently as possible. By only offering one service, Veritas strives to get loans finalized in 30 days or less versus having to wait for months.

Veritas Funding Scottsdale is one of the leading direct lenders that has helped thousands of individuals with their superior mortgage solutions. The brand is committed to honing its skills and craft, aiming to deliver the most dependable lending services and solutions to its customers.

The most notable benefit individuals who work with veritas funding can reap is reliable service at all times. Thousands of satisfied customers have shared their experiences working with Veritas Funding On numerous credible review platforms such as yelp, V fund, Glassdoor, Better Business Bureau, and such.

Veritas Funding Scottsdale’s¬†portfolio speaks volumes about the quality of its services. The brand has helped more than 36,000 families and individuals, as well as reaching the $7.5 billion mark in residential loans. Veritas Funding’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 75, which is within the same range as some of the most reputable companies worldwide, such as Apple and Amazon. Veritas Funding Scottsdale is managed by Amir Zandiar, arguably one of the best and most experienced direct lenders in the business. More information about Veritas Funding Scottsdale can be found at the company’s official website.

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