Venture in Security Releases a Deep Dive Concluding That the Future of Cybersecurity Will Be Defined by the Leading Cloud Providers Such as Google and Microsoft Because of the Impact of “Data Gravity”

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Venture in Security, the leading industry blog analyzing the business and the investment sides of cybersecurity, released a report, Game of Thrones in cybersecurity: data gravity, industry consolidation, platform play, private equity, and the great cyber gold rush.

Data gravity defines the direction of cybersecurity

According to Venture in Security, the key trend shaping the direction of cybersecurity is data gravity – the ability of data accumulated in one place to “build mass,” attracting services and applications. The deep dive states:

“Data gravity leads to the tectonic shift in cybersecurity: security data is moving to Snowflake, BigQuery, Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse, Amazon Redshift, and the like. As the amount of data increases in size, moving it around to various applications becomes hard and costly. Snowflake, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft understand their advantage incredibly well and are taking action to fully leverage it. As it relates to cybersecurity, they typically do it in the following ways: by offering their own security services and applications, and by establishing marketplaces and selling security services and applications from other providers.”

Competition between security enterprises is intensifying

Venture in Security breaks down the unique advantages and strategies of large players in the cybersecurity market, including those of Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Palo Alto Networks, and CrowdStrike. Each of these companies is competing in the platform space, attempting to get security teams to consolidate their tools and reduce vendor sprawl – a problem that is especially relevant to security leaders in 2023. The report also offers a deep look into the advantages which enabled Microsoft to become the largest player in the industry and explains the approach private equity firms take to capitalize on the industry’s growth.

A lot of what we see as security will be done by cloud providers

Venture in Security concludes that a decade from now, a lot of what we see today as the cybersecurity market will get absorbed by the leading cloud providers. In the same way as the problem of spam was largely solved by email providers, displacing a whole category of anti-spam companies, cloud providers with access to data will handle a lot more security.

There is an opportunity for savvy security founders

The cloud providers won’t be able to eliminate all problems, acting as one of the basic layers, similar to what antivirus does today. The talent shortage and cost of hiring security professionals will drive demand for technical service providers, while security vendors will take an engineering-centered approach focused on solving more advanced problems not covered by the “spam filters of the future.”

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