Uptrends AI Investment News Platform Announces Relaunch

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Uptrends.ai, a leading investment news platform, this week completes the relaunch with a full suite upgrade including 10+ new integrated tools. It is the company’s biggest product upgrade since its debut in mid-2023.

Built for retail traders and anyone needing to “track what’s trending,” Uptrends’ proprietary AI monitors thousands of public companies and analyzes millions of articles, press releases, and social media posts to distill market sentiment and trends.

Called Uptrends v3, this latest version adds personalization features, AI summarization, and email alerts. A free version is available at Uptrends.ai, with premium tools starting at $9.99/month.

“This is our biggest platform upgrade to date,” said Ramsey Shaffer, CEO and Founder. “We took feedback to heart and built a new product that doubles down on our best features and most popular tools.”

V3 includes new features:

Email news alerts. Users select their interests – stocks, sectors, or topics they want to monitor – and Uptrends delivers real-time alert emails to the inbox. This enables users to stay on top of market-moving events without constantly scrolling through online news feeds. 

Trending Stocks List. This tool algorithmically ranks stocks trending in online chatter over the past week, month, or quarter, allowing users to discover stocks based on aspects like sentiment and online “mention volume.”

Interface Upgrade. Uptrends v3 offers a full facelift of the original user interface. The redesign introduces customizable alert settings and personalized AI-generated event summaries, while streamlining the design to be more compatible across devices and web-browsers.

Next-Gen AI. Above all, this version brings powerful new AI technology to the masses for the first time. After 3+ years in development, Uptrends v3 unveils proprietary language models trained on finance-specific data, able to detect and summarize topics and events across thousands of news articles in real-time.

“This latest release pushes the envelope of consumer-facing language models. I think it’s a significant step in the realm of AI for investing, and we’re so excited to get it into the hands of our users” Shaffer added. “With the new Uptrends, we’re enabling a truly personalized news experience, and we’re confident these innovations will transform the way investors see the markets for good.”

About Uptrends:
Uptrends.ai is revolutionizing the way everyday investors get the news with a mission to “save the world from doom-scrolling” and a focus on user-centric features. Uptrends started in 2023 and is headquartered in Saint Cloud, MN. For more information, please visit Uptrends.ai

Media contact:
Ramsey Shaffer

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