Unleash Epic Announces Strategic Collaboration with Karpos Capital Partners, Empowering Business Owners with a Clear Path to Success

BEAVERTON, Ore., Feb. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Unleash Epic (https://unleashepic.com), a trusted advisor for small business owners, announced a strategic relationship with Karpos Capital Partners (https://www.karposcapitalpartners.com). Karpos is a leading private equity firm focused on acquiring mature and profitable businesses. This collaboration unlocks a powerful new ecosystem, empowering Unleash Epic’s clients with valuable insights into the world of private equity and expanding their potential pathways to success.

Beyond Transactional: Aligning Goals with Exit Options

More than just connecting owners with potential buyers, this partnership offers a holistic approach to exit planning.

By leveraging Karpos Capital Partners’ expertise, Unleash Epic can:

Help owners clearly understand if a private equity exit aligns with their long-term vision and goals. Their proven tools and frameworks assess business health and readiness for this specific path.

Guide owners in building tailored exit strategies that maximize their value, whether they’re ready to sell now or plan for the future. This journey can begin with Unleash Epic’s foundational systems, which are designed to build a robust and attractive business for any potential buyer, including private equity firms.

Ensure owners have a complete picture of their exit options, including private equity. This empowers them to make informed decisions aligned with their unique aspirations, even if an immediate sale isn’t their current focus.

John Vyhlidal, Owner of Unleash Epic, noted, “At Unleash Epic, we’re dedicated to empowering our clients with the clarity and resources they need to achieve their unique vision of success. Partnering with Karpos Capital Partners allows us to offer valuable insights into the world of private equity, ensuring our clients understand all their options and can make informed decisions about their future.”

Scott Olson, Managing Director at Karpos Capital Partners, said, “We’re excited to collaborate with Unleash Epic. By sharing our perspectives and expertise, we can create a powerful ecosystem where more owners can explore the potential benefits of private equity and achieve their long-term goals.”

About Unleash Epic
Unleash Epic specializes in equipping small business owners with proven tools and strategies for transformational leadership and operational excellence. Unleash Epic helps owners demystify the secrets that Fortune 500 CEOs use to take their leadership and businesses to the next level. Learn more at https://unleashepic.com.

About Karpos Capital Partners
Karpos Capital Partners is a private equity firm focused on acquiring mature and profitable businesses. Karpos partners with management teams to unlock growth potential and create value for all stakeholders. Learn more at https://karposcapitalpartners.com.

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