This Labor Day Holiday in the Ruthless Digital Frontier, We Are Your First and Last Line of Defense

BREA, Calif., Sept. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Labor Day weekend may be a reprieve for many, but in the unforgiving digital battleground, there is no ceasefire. Cyber threats don’t take holidays, and neither do we. stands tall, a relentless sentinel in a world where a single breach can decimate reputations, finances, and futures.

Our Breach Hotline: 714-451-8803 isn’t a courtesy; it’s a necessity. It’s not just an emergency line; it’s a warline. Whether you’re an existing ally or find yourself blindsided by an unforeseen cyber assault, we’re your rapid response, ensuring immediate countermeasures.

James McMurry, CEO of, articulates it best: “Our team isn’t just dedicated; they’re battle-hardened. While the world seeks respite this Labor Day, our Threat Hunters are on the frontlines, eyes wide, senses sharper than ever, ready to strike back.”

At, we’re not just reactive; we’re predatory. We hunt threats before they hunt you. Our Expert Human Threat Hunters, armed with our ARGOS Platform, the best Intel and Counter-Intel from our 1MC Labs team, and the latest tools and an aggressive mindset, ensure that we’re not just another player; we’re the apex predator in the cybersecurity ecosystem.

The harsh lessons of the past, like previous holiday periods of catastrophic breaches at non customers, are not lost on anyone. They’re our fuel. operates with a sense of urgency, acknowledging that in the brutal cyber realm, even a second’s delay can be fatal.

But our ethos goes beyond just defense. We believe that when the digital hounds are at your door, everyone deserves a fighting chance.

Our Breach Hotline isn’t exclusive; it’s for every panicked call, every desperate plea, customers or not.

As you navigate the Labor Day celebrations, remember; in the ruthless digital wilderness, threats are always lurking.

But with by your side, they’re the ones who should be afraid.

If you are experiencing a breach, remember to call us 714.451.8803

Or email

Semper Paratus.

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