ThermaMEDx Introduces Clinically Proven EverTears Dry Eye Therapy Exclusively at Walgreens

The world’s first combination instant-heat compress and pre-moistened eyelid cleaning pad clinically proven to reduce Dry Eye symptoms is now available at Walgreens following two years of success in Doctors’ offices across the US.

ATLANTA, Sept. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — After two years of clinical success in Doctors’ offices across the US, ThermaMEDx proudly announces the launch of its clinically proven treatment for dry eyes, EverTears, exclusively at Walgreens in a 10-count package. This new offering underscores the brand’s commitment to making top-tier eye care solutions both accessible and convenient for the millions of Americans suffering from dry eyes.

Historically, eye drops or “artificial tears” have been the primary choice for those seeking dry eye relief. These remedies, which originated in Roman times, were once made from natural ingredients like water, honey, and salts, providing temporary respite. Modern versions, though more refined, still offer only temporary relief of symptoms, doing little to address the underlying cause of most dry eye cases, a condition called Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

With EverTears, ThermaMEDx presents a forward-thinking alternative. With over two years of clinical success solely available for purchase at top eye care clinics, the new 10-count package ensures that this innovative treatment is within easy reach for consumers, especially with its exclusive availability at Walgreens.  EverTears can be found on the middle shelf in the eye care section of select Walgreens stores.

“Traditional eye drops from ‘Big Optical’ corporations continue to bank billions in profits for providing nothing more than temporary relief, bet as our understanding of eye care has evolved, so should our solutions. EverTears offers a modern, clinically proven approach to dry eye relief. With the introduction of our new 10-count package at Walgreens, we’re making this breakthrough treatment even more accessible,” stated Ben Nobles, Co-Founder at ThermaMEDx.

ThermaMEDx encourages those experiencing symptoms of Dry Eye Disease to explore the transformative benefits of EverTears and for a limited time is offering $5 savings with a convenient print-at-home coupon available at

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