The Institute of Financial Wellness: America’s First Multi-Media Financial Education Network Introduced By Nationally Noted Experts

MIAMI, Nov. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — At a time when public awareness and the need for a solid financial position have reached all-time highs, a nationally noted team is introducing a new platform to provide what’s been missing: unbiased, engaging, fact-based financial education, resources, and services for every American. The Institute of Financial Wellness is the first multi-media platform providing free access to all the financial information and resources people need to develop customized strategies for every stage of life. 

The team of financial services thought-leaders, digital media veterans, and financial professionals developed the first-of-a-kind platform, as well as a Financial Professional Network which is available to enable customers to implement their customized plans.

"Based on my 25 years of experience running large financial services firms and leading hundreds of financial professionals, we recognized the need to establish the Institute of Financial Wellness to provide engaging, unbiased, fact-based information giving Americans the clarity and confidence needed to make the right financial decisions for their lives," said Erik Sussman, IFW CEO & Co-Founder. "Importantly, we ensure that our customer journey helps people take action by selecting a Financial Professional who is committed to the same holistic and unbiased approach that addresses all aspects of financial well-being." 

Added Darren Sussman, IFW President and Co-Founder: "Financial education does not have to be boring, elitist, or hard to understand. What sets the Institute of Financial Wellness apart is our commitment to deliver engaging, thoughtful, and unbiased programming that is curated in ways similar to other categories like science, the arts, or sports — so people actually understand and enjoy it!"

 Specifically, here’s how it works. Consumers: 

  • Begin by reviewing educational resources and content relevant to their unique life stages 
  • Register and participate in a financial educational webinar relevant to them
  • Sign up to receive a free personalized report about their current situation
  • Connect with a human IFW Concierge to gather information to produce the report 
  • Select a financial professional to review and explain their personalized report
  • Meet with their selected financial professional regarding recommendations, potential solutions and implementation of a customized plan

Every step of the way, the IFW team monitors the process and ensures the consumers have favorable experiences, and also provides ongoing content, education, guidance and support. 

About the Institute of Financial Wellness
The Institute of Financial Wellness is America’s first multi-media financial education company providing free access to the unbiased, engaging, fact-based information Americans need to ensure their best lives. Established by professionals with decades of experience running financial services firms and media companies, the IFW seeks to serve as America’s most trusted company for financial education, resources and services. More information is available at

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