The Global Cancer Research Institute, INC. (GCRI) has Joined Forces with MediKarma INC.

MediKarma will provide GCRI patients with a first-of-a-kind AI wellness and preventative care platform

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Global Cancer Research Institute, INC. (GCRI) has joined forces with Medikarma, INC. to provide its patients with premium access to comprehensive information about their health and personalized Artificial Intelligence (AI)-generated recommendations to improve their wellness and aid in preventative care.

Medikarma is a global leader in AI-based patient engagement, education and preventative care. MediKarma offers a consumer-focused platform with a groundbreaking AI health engine that provides a personalized human body visualization avatar, a dynamic health score, and a voice-based healthcare assistant that answers the recurring question, “What do I do next?”

By integrating each patient’s health journey with thousands of data points from their Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR), devices, and wearables, MediKarma’s AI engine is uniquely positioned to provide support and wellness advice tailored for every GCRI patient.

The Global Cancer Research Institute, INC., the first and only community-based dedicated Phase 1 to 4 Clinical Trial Unit in Hematology and Medical Oncology in Northern California, is the ideal candidate for the early implementation of MediKarma’s AI technology. GCRI already offers patients access to cutting-edge, innovative new cancer drugs not available anywhere else; now, with Medikarma, they will add a first-of-a-kind innovation to their already groundbreaking patient protocols.

The mission of GCRI is to bring life-saving, novel therapies to patients through extensive collaboration between academia, community physicians and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies with one goal in mind – finding the next cancer cures and getting that to all patients as rapidly as possible. We are excited by the innovative approach, unique health score drivers, and personal recommendations on “what to do next” provided by MediKarma. We believe our patients will focus more on their total health and well-being by using the MediKarma application

Dr. Lynne A. Bui, M.D. – GCRI CEO

We truly believe that any cancer treatment requires a holistic approach. The visualization, scoring, and AI tools within Medikarma will open a brighter chapter in cancer treatment protocols like the ones managed by the innovative GCRI team

Kris Narayan – CEO and Founder of MediKarma

About The Global Cancer Research Institute

GCRI is a community-based hematology/oncology practice serving the needs of patients in the Bay Area from benign to malignant hematologic disorders as well as providing cutting-edge therapies for all forms of solid tumor cancers.  It is the only community-based oncology center offering Phase 1 to 4 clinical trials with access to innovative, one-of-a-kind oncology treatments not available elsewhere, including compassionate use protocols for non-FDA approved therapies for cancer patients in need.  The best in total holistic health and cancer care for you at

About Medikarma

In the era of patient-centric, personalized healthcare, MediKarma is empowering its users to own, understand, and improve their health with the assistance of its AI-powered wellness platform. It consolidates and processes data from medical records and smart devices and displays it in a user-friendly dashboard that includes a human visualization avatar, a dynamic health score, and a voice-activated healthcare assistant named JILL. JILL answers questions about the user’s health history and guides them through a personalized wellness plan while simplifying access to their records with the click of a button to lead their health journey from a position of knowledge. Tomorrow’s healthcare is available today at

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