The Demex Group Raises $9 Million

WASHINGTON, Dec. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Demex Group, the technology company behind a first-of-its-kind platform for analyzing, pricing, and transferring climate-linked risks at scale, today announced it has raised $9 million in Series A funding led by financial services and technology investors, Anthemis Group, Blue Bear Capital, and QBE Ventures. IA Capital Group also participated in this round of funding; both Anthemis and IA Capital led Demex’s $4.2 million seed round announced a year ago.

Extreme weather leads to dramatic fluctuations in revenue and operating costs for businesses around the world. These impacts are highly localized to each property, individualized for each occupant, and becoming more impactful than natural catastrophes. Climate resilience requires transcending the financial impact from catastrophic weather while also operating with everyday weather extremes.

"Property owners, tenants and managers are typically overlooked by the incumbent weather risk marketplace that focuses on agriculture and energy," stated Ed Byrns, CEO and Founder of The Demex Group. "Recent advances in cloud computing, big data, and blockchain have enabled us to deliver a simple, secure, and scalable platform that’s specifically designed for climate resiliency. We are thrilled to both retain our investors from the seed round and excited to be joined by Blue Bear Capital and QBE Ventures on our journey creating global climate resilience."

Weather-extremes are increasing, according to studies by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. "During the first 6 months of 2021, there were 8 separate billion-dollar weather and climate disasters across the United States. 2020 set a record with 22 events – shattering the previous record of 16 events that occurred in 2011 and again in 2017." In fact, the number of extreme weather events increased from 29 between in the decade 1981-1990 to 105 between 2011-2020.

Anthemis’ Ruth Foxe Blader said, "The Demex Group is successfully designing products for clients seeking standalone protection for climate-linked financial exposures. Insurance carrier partners embed climate resiliency solutions into existing products, such as homeowners or business lines. API integration localizes real-time pricing at the property address- level within customer networks. For clients with nuanced financial exposures to weather, Demex’s team of climate scientists analyze historical costs and revenues compared to extreme weather events and produce custom-fit expense models. We are thrilled to support this unique approach."

The Demex Climate Indicator recently launched as a free public resource for at-a-glance, easy-to- understand analysis of localized climate spanning multiple weather variables including summer-heat, winter-chill, rainfall, and snowfall. The Center includes over 650,000 unique climate assessments.

"We see an ecosystem teeming with new tools for ‘climate intelligence’ to help businesses understand the risk of volatile weather for their assets, operations and budgets. The question then becomes how to address that risk," stated Blue Bear Capital’s Hank Hattemer, who joins the Demex Board of Directors. "Demex has built a masterful answer to this question – the definitive platform for pricing and transferring complex weather risks that are ubiquitous yet behave in highly localized ways. The Demex team has the industry experience and product development expertise to scale its platform as managing climate and weather risk becomes standard protocol for CFOs and risk managers in virtually every industry."

About The Demex Group
The world is changing; weather patterns are increasingly unstable and present unique risks for businesses. Extreme weather leads to dramatic fluctuations in revenue and operating costs. Yet existing financial weather risk management approaches were built for an earlier era and they are ill-equipped to reliably provide climate-linked financial security for property owners, tenants, and managers.

Demex makes it simple to build protection for operational weather risks. Demex developed a robust, end-to-end ecosystem, seamlessly integrating the weather data, cashflow modeling and channel partners required to provide coverage that’s tailored for businesses around the globe.

Our team and technology were recognized in the top 50 insurtech companies in the Americas by InsurTech Insights and Oxbow Partners called us "one of 25 emerging technology-led businesses well- placed to help insurers succeed." HolonIQ said that Demex is one of "the 200 most promising Climate Tech startups" in North America.

With the business impact of climate change increasing every year, Demex is designed to support new sectors with an innovative approach.

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About Blue Bear Capital
Blue Bear is a venture capital and early growth equity firm driving digital technologies into multibillion-dollar verticals across energy, infrastructure, and climate industries. The team comes together from leading energy private equity firms and features technology expertise from the tech startup world alongside operational leadership from large-scale technology developers and adopters. Blue Bear’s portfolio covers operational AI, IoT, and cybersecurity technologies, all deployed with enterprise customers to drive connectivity and efficiency across the world’s most critical industries.

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Anthemis cultivates change in the financial system by investing in, growing and sustaining businesses committed to improving the world. We are founded on three guiding principles — authentic collaboration, virtuous cycle outcomes, and diversity and inclusivity — and our deep understanding of markets and models, passion for emerging technology and values inspire everything we do. By creating fertile ground for a diverse group of startups, investors, entrepreneurs, institutions, academics and visionaries to converge, we believe we can solve the financial services world’s most pressing challenges faster, better and for the benefit of all. Learn more at 

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