The Concinnity Company Named Top eClinical Trial Management Solution Provider

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Jan. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In December, Pharma Tech Outlook announced its 2023 Top Ten eClinical Trial Management Solutions. The Concinnity Company was among those honored. This designation recognizes the impact of its innovative approach to clinical trial management.

The company’s platform, Cloud Concinnity®, is redefining clinical trial oversight with cutting-edge technology. The Clinical Trial Oversight Ecosystem has long grappled with inefficiencies and outdated technology. Current solutions are no longer sustainable. Cloud Concinnity changes that by automating processes, improving quality, speed and security.

The cover article describes The Concinnity Company as “the driving force behind the tech revolution sweeping clinical trial oversight”. In a market filled with document and data management solutions, it places process management at its core. It is a holistic solution designed as a powerful, enterprise-level process management engine with an intuitive user interface. Robust yet flexible, Cloud Concinnity automates clinical trial processes. Co-Founder and CEO, Nancy Falls, comments, “By prioritizing quality, speed and scale, we are proven to boost efficiency by over 50 percent. This shortens time to market and cuts costs.”  (Read the Full Article Here)

This efficiency benefits patients and the organizations and people working on new therapies. Treatments can reach patients faster. Administrative time and effort drop. CROs and Sponsors gain improved information access, control and security. The independent experts involved in clinical trial oversight experience streamlined work.

About Concinnity:
Cloud Concinnity® is an integrated software platform for clinical trial oversight.  As a single, secure platform to manage, execute and record key processes, it drives a higher level of efficiency, speed and risk mitigation. Cloud Concinnity also unlocks the value of big data buried within multiple systems. The result is better product lifecycle management and decision making. Concinnity transforms information flows, communications, and processes. By standardizing and automating these activities, treatments can reach patients faster and at a lower cost. We are dedicated to harnessing the power of process, innovation, and technology to create a stronger, healthier world. For more information on how we are building a better future one clinical trial at a time visit The Concinnity

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