Texas Financial Educators Council Will Donate Free Financial Education Resources to Community Organizations

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Courtesy of the Texas Financial Educators Council (TFEC), nonprofit organizations and schools across the state now will receive complimentary financial education resources. The TFEC is distributing these materials at no cost as one component of its mission to build greater financial wellness among Texas residents.

The TFEC will share these donations with community and educational organizations around the Lone Star State through two mechanisms: one with no qualification requirements, and one that specifies certain eligibility criteria. Learn about these two opportunities here at the Chapter website

The resources are designed to be compatible with education that reaches all ages and backgrounds. Organizations interested in improving the financial capability of the people they serve can gain access to the materials complimentary. The TFEC’s primary objective in donating the materials is to have a positive impact on Texans’ lives.

Local financial education speakers also are available to book through the Texas Council. These highly-qualified speakers belong to the prestigious team of Certified Financial Education Instructors (CFEI®) trained by the National Financial Educators Council via training that gives them the skills and expertise to offer sustainable, scalable financial education programs.

Two members of the TFEC’s Advisory Board – Marlon Green and Melissa Weathersby – are sponsoring this donation of top-grade resources to Texas organizations. Green, an MBA and CFEI®, is owner and founder of Prosperous Athletes, a financial education and career awareness program for high school and college athletes. Weathersby is a Texas licensed real estate broker, author, speaker, and founder/CEO of 5-Star Empowerment, a personal and professional development counseling firm. Both are leaders of advocacy, education, and resource donations to build financial wellness among Texans.

This goal strongly aligns with the vision of the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC), the parent organization of the Texas branch. The NFEC reaches out to beneficiary organizations through its state-level chapters to help residents – like Texans – deal with the unique personal finance challenges they’re facing. For example, U.S. Census Bureau data show that about 14% of Texas families live below the poverty line. Further, nearly 28% of Texans are experiencing some kind of housing insecurity such as lack of affordability, quality, and safety or even homelessness.

Texas does rank high among U.S. states in terms of the score teens and young adults achieved on a recent financial literacy test –second in the country with an average of 67.23%. However, that average score still falls below the passing level (70%). And the Lone Star State deserves a grade of “B” for its financial literacy standards in schools, according to the American Public Education Foundation. That grade could be elevated to “A” if the state mandated a standalone personal finance class for high school graduation.

The Texas Financial Educators Council has set a near-term goal of making a positive difference in financial literacy rates in Texas. Across the long term, the Council aims to help Texans achieve greater financial wellness and security.

The TFEC’s current effort offers a chance to give community organizations with an interest in spreading financial education around the state to apply for free resources and support. Complimentary materials are available to every group. Certain qualified organizations will be selected to receive a financial literacy program that is completely developed and managed for them.

The Texas Financial Educators Council is one state branch of the National Financial Educators Council, a Certified B Corporation® and Accredited Provider through IACET, the leading continuing education accrediting body. The NFEC establishes its state chapters to further its mission of spreading the financial wellness message around the world, community by community.

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