Tenbound Launches Tenbound Plus VIP Membership to Accelerate the Success of Sales Leaders Everywhere

B2B SaaS Go-to-Market Leaders get access to a much-needed industry-focused support community to accelerate their Sales Development pipeline growth and outbound, closed-won revenue.

DALY CITY, Calif., June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tenbound, the leading Sales Development Research & Advisory firm, announced the launch of Tenbound Plus, a unique VIP Sales Development Community to help accelerate the success of sales leaders everywhere.

By joining Tenbound Plus, members will be part of an elite group of Go-to-Market professionals who not only want to make an impact on their organizations, but also further their careers through a dedicated community of the top minds in Sales Development, all in one place.

Sales Development has grown beyond its roots in the predictable revenue model to become a critical and key strategic initiative in fast-growing organizations. Sales Development leaders bring a unique skill set in providing the connective tissue between Account-Based Marketing, Demand Generation, SDRs, Sales, and Customer Success.

Sales Development Leaders have specific challenges to solve that generalized information and untargeted online groups can’t deliver. Tenbound Plus provides focused, specific support for Go-to-Market Sales Development leaders who want to be at the forefront of their industry.

"The Tenbound Methodology provides a repeatable framework to plan and execute Sales Development pipeline production programs, and needed a reinforcement mechanism to continue the skill development and community beyond SDR playbooks, training and coaching." said David Dulany, Tenbound Founder & CEO. "The Tenbound Plus membership program now fulfills that need for our customers. Tenbound Plus brings together the top minds in the industry to focus on strategy, tactics and technology to help our members run their Sales Development programs and develop their careers as high value professionals."

Tenbound Plus Members get access to:

  • Premium Private Online Moderated Forum
  • Live Weekly Group Leadership Mastermind Call
  • Live Weekly Group RevOps Mastermind Call
  • Live Weekly Group SDR Coaching Calls (Pinnacle Club)
  • Members-First Career Opportunities
  • Premium Members only content – Frameworks, Surveys, Templates & Research Reports
  • Online Self-Paced Sales Dev Management and SDR Training Modules (one seat in each per year)
  • The Sales Development Framework Print Book (one copy each)
  • Discounted tickets to the (in-person) Tenbound Sales Development Conference
  • And much more coming soon!

In addition to individual annual and monthly membership options, Tenbound Plus also offers annual discount packages for groups of 3 or more to receive the many benefits of this unique VIP Sales Development community. To learn more about our group discount options contact us directly.

About Tenbound

About Tenbound Tenbound helps B2B SaaS companies build multi-billion-dollar Sales and Talent pipelines through Value-as-a-Service. We help identify our clients’ top sales and talent pipeline growth priorities and partner to achieve those priorities through our innovative research, advisory, and events. As the only firm focused on sales pipeline achievement, we bring a unique perspective to the market.

For more information about Tenbound Plus visit: https://www.tenboundplus.com/

Media Contact:
David Dulany

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