Tangibly Launches Early Access to Patent X-Ray™, Its AI-powered Platform to Identify Trade Secrets and Other Innovation Insights from Patents

SEATTLE, May 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tangibly, a SaaS trade secret management platform, today announced an early access program for its AI-powered Patent X-Ray tool. Designed to help both in-house legal teams and law firms identify trade secrets, Tangibly’s Patent X-Ray analysis is fully integrated into the company’s trade secret management platform.

Trade secrets continue to receive significant attention as countries look to protect intellectual property, including the bipartisan legislation signed into law this year, the Protecting American Intellectual Property Act of 2022. Distinct from patents, company trade secrets are crucial across all industries. Preventing loss and enforcing trade secret laws requires documentation, tracking, and education which is a daunting process for most companies. Tangibly’s platform integrates the workflow for product and legal teams.

Tangibly’s new Patent X-Ray tool enables companies to tap into the latest technology from large language models to quickly identify possibly undocumented trade secrets from their own patents and other documents, and get started on retaining their hard-earned competitive advantages. 

“Interest in trade secrets has grown tremendously in the past couple years, yet most companies find it challenging to start identifying and documenting their trade secrets. Patent X-ray makes this process, which has taken hours or days in the past, into a simple near-instantaneous experience and puts companies on the right path to managing their intellectual property within days,” said Tim Londergan, Tangibly’s CEO.

The early access Patent X-Ray tool is integrated with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) database and allows users to simply input a patent number to start the process. The tool produces suggested trade secrets that are predicted using Tangibly’s proprietary algorithm. The results can be edited and/or accepted and integrated with the compliance and management workflow on Tangibly’s platform.

Attorneys from DLA Piper-US and DLA Piper-Italy have been piloting the Patent X-Ray tool to help their clients identify and record their trade secrets.

“We are using Tangibly’s Patent X-Ray tool not only to help identify trade secrets in issued patents but also in abandoned patents. There is a huge benefit to knowing where the patented material stops and the trade secrets start, and Tangibly’s Patent X-Ray tool lets us see that dividing line more clearly,” said Ray Miller, Partner at DLA Piper-US.

“We are using the Patent X-Ray tool to help develop our client’s trade secret strategy and roadmap, and the results have been very impressive to us and our clients. We now see this as a key early step in assembling our client’s trade secret portfolio,” said Roberto Valenti, IP Practice Group leader at DLA Piper Italy.

Tangibly’s early access program gives users access for 30 days to test the Patent X-Ray tool.

For more information and to join the waitlist please visit https://www.tangibly.com/patent-x-ray/.

About Tangibly
Tangibly’s SaaS platform enables companies to implement best-in-class management of their trade secrets. Trade secrets can be almost anything, from algorithms to chemical processes to client lists and are among the most valuable assets for many companies. Tangibly helps streamline and simplify legal requirements and implement best practices to establish company assets as legally protectable trade secrets. These best practices include cataloging assets, acknowledgment workflow, access management, tracking required legal agreements (NDAs, employment agreements, partnership agreements, etc.), as well as employee/partner education and training.

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