Stashlete Launches Web App, Version 2, Establishing a Modern Fundraising Platform

ATLANTA, Jan. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Stashlete, Inc. is thrilled to announce the release of its highly anticipated Version 2 product, which revolutionizes the college sports fan experience. With its innovative features and user-centric design, Stashlete aims to be the go-to platform for college sports enthusiasts nationwide. Following the success of a beta program launched in August, Stashlete’s newest version, available today here, contains enhanced functionality and features designed to connect fans and benefit their favorite teams. Stashlete was created to help collegiate student-athletes capitalize on their name, image, and likeness (NIL) through sponsorships, endorsements, and other opportunities. In the coming weeks, Stashlete will expand its reach to help other organizations, from youth sports and nonprofits, as a modern fundraising platform that will be a game-changer for fans and recipients alike.

“We are thankful for the resounding welcome that fans and student-athletes have given our product, and Version 2 strengthens the fan experience and broadens the impact we can make,” said Melissa Seigler, founder and CEO of Stashlete, Inc. “Fans have an opportunity to spread change and pay it forward to their favorite teams, and hard-working athletes can monetize their NIL. We’re excited to empower at all levels for all athletes, creating a fair and equitable playing field through Stashlete.”

Key features of Version 2 include the ability for individuals to customize and divide their spending among colleges and teams, creating a portfolio of giving. In addition, Version 2 contains enhanced design features and user perks, a seamless way to give back and say thank you to fans. Coming in Q2 2024, an additional feature will allow users the option of a monthly subscription or round-up change model.

“Too many platforms offer a singular solution with a pre-determined monthly minimum. We believe users should harness the power of their spending by contributing directly to the athletes, teams, and organizations they love,” Seigler said.

Stashlete’s technology is patent pending.

Seigler added, “As the NIL space continues to evolve, marketing opportunities that do not rely on the traditional donor-backed fundraising methods are the future of NIL. We’re proud to be on the cutting edge of developing creative and innovative products to help student-athletes capitalize on their NIL and take that innovation to help other organizations as well.”

Stashlete is working with several NIL collectives for Power 5 programs as an extension of their NIL efforts. For any NIL collective, Stashlete’s platform is an inclusive fundraising product that streamlines operations.

Organizations that wish to learn more about how Stashlete can help their fundraising efforts may email
for more information. Future beneficiaries of the product include youth sports teams, civic organizations, and nonprofits.  

Stashlete, Inc. creates impact for fans’ favorite organizations and sports teams. Pick your colleges. Select your teams. Set your spend. Reward your fandom. Visit for more information. Impact. Repeat. Stashlete.

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