Spotselfie™ Launches Patent Pending “Spotselfie Meta Store™” Feature, Allowing College Students to Create Web3 Businesses on University Campuses

Spotselfie is helping students earn income through their metaverse by providing digital land and advertising support to sell services and merchandise

NEW YORK, Feb. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Spotselfie, the Real-World Social Metaverse, today announced their Meta Store feature. The innovative addition will give college students an opportunity to earn income through the platform’s metaverse advertising portal and have the ability to launch Web3 businesses across college campuses.

Spotselfie Meta Store feature empowers individuals to claim digital land on their campus with the built-in option to advertise student organizations and student owned businesses. Through this feature, students are also able to create their own digital store, sell products and services, and advertise their likeness. In addition, this new feature will provide students the opportunity to earn revenue share with existing advertisers on the Spotselfie platform.

“It’s important to get students prepared for the future of the Metaverse. That begins with having the ability to promote their digital twin as a small business before larger organizations gain a foothold in the Metaverse digital landscape,” said Ray Shingler, Co-Founder, Vice President, Director of Product Development for Spotselfie. “Our aim is to help decentralize the larger players in the Web3 industry and allow organizations of all sizes to participate in its development. The Meta Store will accelerate new entrepreneurial opportunities for students while furthering adoption and ushering in this new generation of Web3.”

A student’s first meta store is free when creating an account. After registering, a student can then go claim a 100-foot diameter circle at a GPS location on campus, where they can then build their augmented reality (AR) meta store. A student can then drop AR immersive advertisements for their own merchandise, or offer services to their colleagues. The owner of the store will retain 100 percent of all revenue generated from their services within that designated area.

“This new feature will give students an avenue to amplify their shops and services while simultaneously bridging the gap between the traditional business model and the new digital world,” added Shingler. “Students will be able to advertise exclusive resources and goods such as tutoring, tasking, merchandise and their organization’s offerings all within their own metaverse store on campus. Learn more at:

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Spotselfie is a patented augmented reality real-world social metaverse that allows users to post virtual objects, pictures, videos, stickers, and other digital material geotagged to locations around the globe. Created specifically for live social interaction, this patented technology allows other users on the app to view the posted content in AR via their own phones, as they walk throughout the digital landscape simultaneously. Learn more at:

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