Social Media Startup Tackles Mental Health and GenZ Demand for More Positive Social Networking Through Poetry

Poetizer, the First Social Network “Born” in Europe Focuses on Poetry for Creativity, Healing and Community, Launches Green Publishing Tech

PRAGUE, Oct. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Do a quick internet search and you will quickly learn about poetry’s comeback and its benefits on mental health. As more people leave traditional social media platforms, especially GenZ, for something more “authentic”, Poetizer is giving them a new community with more meaning. The first social media network “born” in Europe has found a niche in the resurgence of poetry and they believe poetry can be a source of good and healing in the world. In August 2022, the company launched Poetizer Publishing to become a green publishing tech startup giving users a more eco-friendly alternative to self-publishing, a platform for marketing and also allowing them to earn more income.

Launched in 2018, Poetizer has grown despite little to no promotion. Its 330,000, primarily GenZ users in 120 countries are mostly located in the U.S., where people are looking for more positive social channels and alternatives for healthy self-expression. In an age where social media is so widely used, many artists and creators have taken to sharing their work online, and poets are no exception. Traditional social networks for marketing face a decline of Gen Z users as they are increasingly more criticized for their superficiality, polarization of societies and detrimental effects on mental health.

In the past decade, and especially during the pandemic, poetry has had a resurgence in what some are calling a full-on renaissance. Poets like the famously anonymous three-time New York Times Bestselling Author Atticus, have built strong followings on social media, and poetry, in particular, has seen a boost in poets of color. Poetizer, the social media platform exclusively for poetry is not only giving people a voice through the healthy expression of poetry, but also a supportive community and a way to earn additional income.

“Poetry writing offers a unique emotional release and self-discovery that is empowering and healing, and it’s clear people are seeking it out,” says Nicholas Mazza, PhD, PTR. “They’re looking for more positive social connections and communities that are supportive and understanding and where expression is authentic. Poetizer gives them this with all the benefits for a healthier mind.”

“It’s heartwarming to have such a wonderful community that supports its users of all shapes and forms,” said Lukas Sedlacek, CEO Poetizer. “Oftentimes, our users share their personal stories with us about how sharing their emotions through poetry writing, and reading the work of others, helped them overcome challenging times and deal with mental health issues.’

Sedlacek added that Poetizer users write, share and engage in a lot of “Statement Poetry” expressing emotion about social and global issues, and also people dealing with personal issues and even celebrating love. In the Spring, so many people were writing poems in support of Ukraine, Poetizer printed them off and posted them on the John Lennon wall in Prague. Then they hosted an event where the poems were read.

In August 2022, Poetizer Publishing launched an all-in-one self-publishing tech solution for authors that lets them easily and quickly have their work formatted, illustrated, printed, shipped and sold and giving authors a way to market their books to their followers on Poetizer and making it available in its online Bookstore. And it’s greener, disrupting an industry needing to be innovated to reduce waste and carbon footprint.

“The publishing industry is the world’s third largest industrial greenhouse emitter. We urgently need projects that bring solutions and healing to our ailing planet,” said Sedlacek. “We want to contribute as Poetizer, too, by providing a social network that improves mental health and offers a greener alternative to traditional publishing.”

Poetizer has raised $3,000,000 to date and, with its continued month over month growth, is now pursuing its Series A round of funding.

World Mental Health Day 2022 Challenge

The WHO has designated Monday, October 10, 2022, as World Mental Health Day, an initiative to rekindle efforts to protect and improve mental health. Poetizer encourages everyone to write at least one poem expressing something that is on their mind. They can either keep it personal, share it with someone or with many “someones” and experience the supportive and open Poetizer community firsthand.

Poetizer also provides an outlet for those in Florida who are coping with the devastation and loss of their homes to Hurricane Ian. A Floridian himself, Mazza says that in these moments when words feel difficult, writing them will help survivors process what they’ve been through and move towards recovery both physically and mentally.

“Perhaps, if there was more poetry in our lives, there would be less need for therapy,” said Mazza.

About Poetizer

Poetizer believes that poetry can be a force for good in the world. Launched in 2018, Poetizer is the first social network “born” in Europe and the first next generation social network and publishing platform with 330,000+ users and more than 3,000,000 poems published to date. It allows users to read, write and share poems with the supportive community and also publish through Poetizer Publishing and sell their poem books in the Poetizer Bookstore to earn additional income. The tech startup aims to digitalize, decentralize, ecologize, modernize, and democratize the publishing industry. For more information, visit

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