Sharing A Mission of Innovation: The Adjacent Possible Studio Joins Nobody Studios

The Adjacent Possible, an Open Innovation Studio with a focus on R&D and Intellectual Property, joins Nobody Studios to accelerate the company’s ambitious mission to create 100 compelling companies in five years

NEW YORK, Jan. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a strategic move to further bolster its ambitious mission to create 100 compelling companies in five years, Nobody Studios ( has joined forces with The Adjacent Possible (, a Helsinki-based Open Innovation Studio.

Launched in 2021, with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, The Adjacent Possible is an Open Innovation Studio with a focus on R&D and Intellectual Property (IP). Led by its team’s diverse background in science, technology, research, business, and academia, they help clients explore the adjacent possible of ideas and inventions to generate patents and products that will fuel the businesses of the future.

“The Adjacent Possible is excited to join Nobody Studios as a ‘building block company’ to contribute to enhancing Nobody Studios’ Crowd Infused™ approach to help find ideas and transform them into successful businesses by leveraging our know-how and methodology,” said William Carbone, co-founder and CEO of The Adjacent Possible.

As defined by Nobody Studios, a ‘building block company’ is a company that helps the Studio build other companies. ThoughtForma, the first Nobody Studios building block company, was acquired last year and provides a groundbreaking no-code solution.

The Adjacent Possible is joining Nobody Studios as the Studio’s second building block company, this time focused on a whole host of IP-based initiatives – from upfront research on IP protectability of early-stage ideas to providing intellectual property market information on trends in the IP space, among others.

“The Adjacent Possible team is fantastic,” said Mark S. McNally, CEO of Nobody Studios. “We’re fortunate to have attracted an amazing team like The Adjacent Possible into our journey. This isn’t a one-off. We are intentionally trying to do this to attract teams like this. We’re excited about what we can build together with The Adjacent Possible.”

Nobody Studios had recently partnered with Republic, (, a leading private investment platform, to implement its Crowd Infused™ approach to venture investing by being one of the first venture studios to offer equity crowdfunding and make early-stage company ownership accessible to all. Nobody Studios’ campaign is off to an impressive start raising more than $450k with around a month left to go.

With a bold vision and brave leadership, it’s no wonder Nobody Studios has been able to attract people of this caliber.

The Adjacent Possible will bring its expertise to Nobody Studios in two main areas:

  • Productizing their know-how, experience, and insights in IP as it relates to ways to use patents as a multifaceted resource
  • Creation, discovery, and management of IP assets for the portfolio companies

“Our team’s diverse background has been a major asset in the development of our company and has allowed us to create unique and impactful solutions. The company is the reflection of who we are as people. We come together based on our shared values and benefit from differences,” Carbone explained.


A venture studio headquartered in Los Angeles, with global teams stretching from New York to London, Tel Aviv, and Manila, Nobody Studios is a high-velocity company creation machine seeking to shake up the startup world and venture investing. For more information, please visit,


The Adjacent Possible is a Helsinki-based Open Innovation Studio with a focus on R&D and Intellectual Property. For more information, please visit,

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