Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical Continues Partnership With Specialty Pharmaceutical Manufacturer to Provide Formulation and Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls for Innovative Alcohol Hangover Prevention Therapeutic

Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical has entered a second development, manufacturing, distribution and license agreement with KVK-Tech. This is yet another monumental milestone for the company and great news for their promising oral Alcohol Hangover Prevention treatment.

HUNTINGTON, N.Y., May 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical, an innovative life sciences company developing a portfolio of revolutionary anti-inflammatories by repurposing existing molecules for novel combination therapy, has executed a second strategic partnership with KVK Tech. KVK Tech is a leading Specialty Pharmaceutical Manufacturing company that will now be providing formulation and Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls (CMC) for Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical’s oral Alcohol Hangover Prevention therapeutic. They will work in parallel with Sen-Jam teams while completing phase II clinical trials to have a finished product in 9-12 months.

Jackie Iversen, RPh MS, Founder and Chief Clinical Officer of Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical said, “This deepening relationship is a reflection of the incredible talent and trust that has sprung from our premier partnership. Every time we collaborate in Newtown at their world-class facility and engage, brainstorming with their team of experts, the respect and enthusiasm between our two companies grows.” 

The partnership first bloomed last year when the companies entered an initial partnership for SJP-002C, Sen-Jam’s innovative oral COVID therapeutic. Continuing this good work with a second asset, such as the Alcohol Hangover Prevention solution, was a natural next step. When asked about why SJP-001 and why now, Jackie said, “While most, if not all cultures enjoy alcohol, overindulgence leads to a number of inflammatory effects that can cause damage to the body. We believe SJP-001 will not only help to make your next day productive, but could also reduce the inflammation associated with premature aging.

Worldwide, alcohol is big business with over $1.6 trillion being spent on alcohol consumption this year alone. It’s estimated that 65% of all age-appropriate adults drink alcohol on occasion no matter where you are on the planet. But it’s true that most people erroneously believe alcohol hangovers are caused by dehydration when in fact there is an increasing body of international research pointing directly at Inflammation. Connecting the dots between alcohol consumption, inflammation and premature aging is of particular interest to pioneers; such as illuminated in this article published last week in Pharmacy Times.

To learn more about this development and the exciting research surfacing at Sen-Jam aimed at revolutionizing the way the world treats inflammation and the way the pharmaceutical industry treats humanity, you are invited to join them in a Fireside Chat with the Founders hosted by world-renowned Physicist, Advisor and Investor, Dr. Alex Wissner-Gross. Click HERE to register for that webinar being held today at 2pm EST.

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