SDR Ventures Advises Acuity Ag Solutions, a Subsidiary of Maschhoff Family Foods on Acquisition by Fast Genetics, a Subsidiary of STgenetics

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo., Feb. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SDR Ventures is pleased to announce that Acuity Ag Solutions ("Acuity" or "the Company"), a subsidiary company of Maschhoff Family Foods ("The Maschhoffs" or "MFF") has been acquired by Fast Genetics a subsidiary of STgenetics ("STgen"). SDR served as the exclusive sell-side advisor to Acuity and The Maschhoffs throughout the transaction process.

Carlyle, Illinois-based Acuity is a rapidly growing swine genetics business founded by The Maschhoffs – the largest family-owned pork production business in North America. The Maschhoffs formed Acuity in the mid-2000s to select a pig that was more fit for their commercial production system. The success of their selection program led to the launch of Acuity Ag Solutions. The Maschhoffs are the largest family-owned pork producer in the U.S. and were ranked number 6 in the USA and number 18 globally on the National Hog Farmer’s, 2020 Global Mega producer list.

The roots of Maschhoffs Family Foods date back to 1851 in Carlyle, Illinois. Maschhoffs Family Foods has preserved its family culture throughout its history. Throughout the past decade, MFF has brought the company to its current size of more than 180,000 sows, with a 7-state footprint. Today, the business finds itself in a unique position. It is one of the largest family-owned hog production networks in North America. And, yet, the family values remain embedded in the culture.

Acuity will now join Fast Genetics with the goal of becoming the most technologically advanced swine breeding stock company in the world. Current, as well as new customers, can look forward to a wider variety of breeding stock, faster genetic improvement from new breeding programs, and even better customer service from a larger team to support their needs. Acuity will continue to provide genetics for The Maschhoffs’ system, focused on producing a full value pig. They are credited for developing a novel genetic selection program capable of using a Commercial Test Herd to establish a proven crossbred EBV program. Fast Genetics and Acuity share the same belief and passion for delivering the most value to customers through a "commodity plus strategy".

"We are excited about this next phase of genetic development within The Maschhoffs’ system. This new alignment with Fast Genetics will add considerable value to our pork value chain," said Dr. Bradley Wolter, CEO of The Maschhoffs. "Our team is incredibly thankful for the level of dedication and professionalism that the SDR Ventures team showed throughout the entire process, as they ensured that the legacy of the Acuity brand would be well-positioned for enduring success."

"As we explored the options for the Acuity business, it became increasingly apparent that Fast Genetics and STgen would be a great strategic partner for both The Maschhoffs and all the other Acuity stakeholders including customers, employees, management, and its supply-chain partners. The SDR Ventures team is eager to watch the alliance of Acuity and Fast Genetics flourish for years to come," commented Eric Bosveld, Senior Advisor of Food & Agribusiness at SDR Ventures.

Fast Genetics was purchased by ST Genetics in 2015 from HyLife, a Canadian-based pork producer, processor, and important customer. Fast Genetics will continue to lead the industry in providing producers with the most stable supply of high health, balanced and efficient animals. Fast Genetics is also piloting the use of sex sorted sperm and advanced DNA testing which will benefit The Maschhoffs and other Acuity customers. Fast Genetics and Acuity have complementary infrastructure, personnel, and genetic lines which will accelerate proprietary technology improvements and drive results to producers.

"Collaboratively, we are looking forward to a bright future in maximizing the value they can deliver to producers around the world. Our new partnership will give producers a wider variety of products to access and will increase our nucleus herd size for more rapid genetic improvement. With the best genetics and technologies, we are well-positioned to grow our global distribution together," added Juan F Moreno, CEO of STgen.

Zack Przekop