SalesFocus Solutions Announces the Release of Version 10 of Its MARS Sales Reporting and Data Analytics Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, March 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SalesFocus Solutions, a fintech leader in sales reporting and data analytics for the asset management industry, announced today the release of the enhanced MARS version 10 platform.

MARS v10 integrates client, prospect, trade, and asset data to provide asset management clients with unique multi-dimensional visual, computational and analytical views of their business. MARS v10 transcends business functions including sales, marketing, data processing, and administration with the ability to explore hidden business insights, gain a deeper understanding of trends, identify potential cross-selling opportunities and direct sales and marketing teams to the strongest opportunities.

“We are excited about the value that this major new release of MARS will provide to our clients to assist them with increasing sales and retaining assets,” said Aaron Wong, MARS Product Manager. “MARS v10 exceeds industry standards for user experience, performance and security and provides a 360 degree understanding of firm, branch/office, rep and account sales and assets to help our clients decrease the cost of engagement while increasing the lifetime value of business relationships.”

SalesFocus Solutions’ Arun Nagashetti, Application Development Manager stated, “Utilizing Angular and Web API frameworks in MARS 10 provides better multi-tasking and multi-processing capabilities. These improvements are important for our multi-dimensional data exploration and insight discovery using visual, computational and analytical tools.

History of Technology Innovation

Anil Ravindran, Vice President of Engineering, stated, “The technology and design enhancements in MARS 10 are a continuation of SalesFocus Solutions’ long history of innovation and carries through to all aspects of the MARS Platform. As an example, MARS 10 further enhances our MARS for Salesforce┬« integration by leveraging the data aggregation, cleansing, summarization, and business analytics power of MARS with real-time bi-directional synchronization of Account and Contact data with the Salesforce platform. It further augments the power of CRM with Sales, third party RIA and Market Share data to focus resources on Firms that are most likely to grow wallet share.” Ravindran continued, “Additionally, with MARS 10 we’ve enhanced IntelliMARS, our mobile app, with additional capabilities so that our client’s sales organizations are better prepared for each meeting, more efficient in identifying the highest potential new opportunities (and cross-selling opportunities), and are more effective during each sales call.”

Superior Data for Actionable Sales Intelligence

The SalesFocus Solutions MARS product suite continues to transform the sales and marketing analytics and reporting landscape for asset managers. The MARS platform includes data collection, data cleansing, sales analytics and distribution reporting across all business lines including mutual funds, UCITs, SICAVs, ETFs, managed accounts, DCIO/retirement platforms and alternative providers. The innovative MARS product design takes business analytics to a new level by leveraging enhanced graphical data visualization techniques to transform sales, asset, contact and activity data into actionable business insights. 

About SalesFocus Solutions

SalesFocus Solutions is a Phoenix American company and a fintech leader based in San Rafael, California which provides the MARS product suite, the asset management industry’s all-in-one sales and marketing data solution for actionable business intelligence. The MARS platform includes data collection, data cleaning, sales reporting, data analytics and 22c-2 compliance management. SalesFocus Solutions has a diverse, global clientele of leading and boutique asset management firms. 

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Miriam Sanchez

SOURCE SalesFocus Solutions