RetirementInvestments Launches 7 New Personalized Online Financial Calculators

RetirementInvestments releases online modern financial calculators that website publishers can embed on their websites.

MIAMI, Dec. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ RetirementInvestments is pleased to announce the launch of their new financial calculators after working on the development of them for the past year. The 7 new calculators include their Retirement Calculator, Roth IRA Calculator, 401(k) Calculator, Home Affordability Calculator, Capital Gains Tax Calculator, Precious Metals IRA Calculator, and Crypto IRA Calculator. These calculators give website publishers the ability to easily embed calculators on their website without coding.

These financial calculators are backed by research, mathematical formulas, and data, ensuring they are the best financial calculators available for individuals to make smarter financial decisions. They help users understand their financial situation before they make any decision regarding their finances. They also allow individuals to plan their retirement by assisting them in protecting and growing their savings. 

These financial calculators are responsive, whether on a desktop, mobile, or tablet. Website publishers can also embed the calculators on their website without adding a single line of code. 

It is worth noting that RetirementInvestments has developed the first-ever precious metals IRA and crypto IRA calculators, which allow users to make wise investment decisions when it comes to investing in alternative assets inside their retirement accounts.

“The development of these financial calculators for our readers and other financial websites will help us accelerate our mission of empowering individuals to make their own financial decisions,” said Donny Gamble, the founder, and CEO of

RetirementInvestments aims to close the knowledge gap between regular individuals and financial advisors with their abundant available resources, so people can take control of their financial future. Their goal is to inspire, inform, and empower their clients to become investment savvy, so they can make clear and confident financial and investment decisions without needing a financial advisor. 

About RetirementInvestments specializes in helping individuals navigate their investment path and have money for their future retirement. Their team of financial experts provides strategies and resources to invest in and buy precious metals, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and real estate. They also offer resources to help users plan their retirement or protect themselves with life and disability insurance.

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