Redeployment of EB-5 Investor Funds Can Lead to Lawsuits Later — Here's How to Do It Right

NEW YORK, Jan. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bridgeway Wealth Partners LLC, in partnership with EB5 Diligence, now offers an industry first: Redeployment Advisory Services.

EB-5 fund Managers are not investment experts yet they must make a momentous investment decision when it comes to the redeployment of investor funds. This decision can impact the chances of immigration success for investors — and possibly lead to legal challenges down the road.

In the event of a legal challenge of a reinvestment decision, how does an EB-5 fund Manager prove fair price/terms and fair process? The best way to defend a lawsuit — and protect the EB-5 fund — is by first engaging an independent evaluation of the reinvestment and process.

“With EB-5 investors becoming increasingly litigious over redeployment decisions, a fund Manager will need protection from the very start. This redeployment advisory service is as close to a bulletproof vest as they will find. “— Rupy Cheema, founder of EB5 Diligence

For more information on how Bridgeway and EB5 Diligence can help EB-5 fund Managers redeploy with confidence, visit their Redeployment Advisory Services webpage.

About Bridgeway Wealth Partners LLC

Bridgeway Wealth Partners is a boutique financial services firm that focuses on providing solutions to unique investment management situations. The firms professionals have backgrounds in public markets, private equity, real estate, and alternative management.

About EB5 Diligence

Since 2013, EB5 Diligence firm has reviewed over 150 offerings. It provides third-party analysis of EB-5 projects to verify the claims, and analyze strengths and weaknesses.

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