Project Twelve Closes $8 Million Funding Round to Build Sustainable Web3 Gaming Ecosystem & Launches Genesis NFT Airdrop

Forging sustainable economies within a revolutionary Web3 gaming experience, Project Twelve innovates on a vision of virtual asset viability and reveals the Genesis Soul-Bound NFT Airdrop

NEW YORK, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Emerging as a premier project in the Web3 gaming space, Project Twelve (P12) is announcing the close of $8 million in new funding, paving the way for an expanding ecosystem with a sustainable game economy that makes game creation accessible. This funding round comes from a combination of committed investors, including: MetaApp, Project Galaxy, Primavera Ventures, CyberConnect, CCV, InfinityLeague, Smrti Lab, and others.

With this new funding, the founding team will be able to expand on their strong vision in making game creation accessible and game economy sustainable. In recognizing an impending paradigm shift for virtual assets, the P12 team set out to do away with obstacles that have historically minimized the impact of virtual worlds and experiences. Removing the flawed, for-profit model, P12 aims to better serve the user, making way for limitless possibilities within the realm of virtual worlds. To tackle key challenges affecting the Web3 gaming industry, P12 will build complete infrastructure and tooling to make game creation accessible and implement a set of economic and governmental mechanisms to make game economy sustainable.

The team behind P12 comes from a hybrid Web3 and gaming background. They have been in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space since 2018 and have successfully built a decentralized exchange (DEX) product. They also have a proven track record in R&D and building gaming products. P12 strives to combine the best of Web3 and gaming. Commenting on the initial evolution of Project Twelve, Founder Boyang explains, "P12 was conceptualized by a group of hardcore gamers who have a deep passion for and great faith in gaming. While serving the gaming industry, we also identified key challenges facing the future of gaming – that is insufficient supply and broken economies. Now, we see a solution to the challenges in combining the best of Web3 and gaming, that solution is P12."

Project Twelve is now inviting individuals interested in the P12 vision to collect recently launched Genesis Soul-Bound NFT – the ultimate tribute to Developers & Gamers – from their airdrop site and to invite others to do the same via the P12 referral program. Officially launched on June 27th, the Genesis Soul-Bound NFT airdrop has been met with great enthusiasm from the gaming community. The P12 Genesis Soul-Bound NFT pays homage to Steam developers and gamers by capturing off-chain credentials, including games published and hours played. In doing so, the set of valuable proof-of-play data will entitle NFT holders to future rights and benefits, and gamers within the P12-verse will be a part of the growing movement of virtual asset pioneers, paving the way for a new Web3 gaming future.

Explore Project Twelve and its mission further at and engage with the community on Twitter, Discord, and their blog here. 

About Project Twelve

Project Twelve ( is a Web3 gaming platform and game creator ecosystem with a sustainable economy. It features the Editor, a full-featured Metaverse content engine for building game worlds; the Infra, a set of API/SDK and developer portals for bridging game content on-chain; and the Econs, a set of economic and governmental rules and mechanisms implemented in EVM smart contracts.

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Name: Boyang
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Telegram: @b0yan913

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