PRE Security Inc. Closes Investment with Unique Approach, Innovative Vision of Predictive AI Cybersecurity; Expands Board

SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — PRE Security, the world’s first company specializing in predictive AI cybersecurity, has successfully closed an oversubscribed pre-seed funding round. This achievement validates the company’s ambition to advance cybersecurity beyond the traditional, reactive Detect & Respond models, enabling a more proactive Predict & Preventā„¢ approach. This new method leverages the latest advances in predictive and generative AI.

Built By The Channel
In a novel approach, PRE Security’s pre-seed round was led by investments from strategic global channel reseller and distribution partners, along with selected angel investors. “I’ve always looked for ways to show partners my appreciation for the work they do in helping to grow a new company,” said Paul Jespersen, CEO and Co-Founder of PRE Security, “This opportunity allows partners to participate from the very beginning and gain financially from our joint success while helping to shape our solutions for their markets from the outset as owners.”

“We are excited to get in at the earliest stage of a new technology trend with predictive AI cybersecurity and I am thrilled to be one of the founding partners as well as an investor” said Nam Nguyen Thac, CEO of Nessar Technologies, a leading cybersecurity reseller based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Due to the strong interest in this “Built By The Channel” offering, PRE Security currently plans to invite select additional partners in a limited, phase 2 of the round before seeking venture funding.

Founding Team
PRE Security is led by co-founders Paul Jespersen, as CEO, and John Peterson, as CTO. Paul and John have worked together multiple times over their careers, starting at US Robotics and Cisco Systems. Since then, they have contributed significantly to a variety of networking and cybersecurity startups leading to 9 acquisitions and 5 Their collective startup experience includes roles at NetScreen, Barracuda, Ocular Networks, Zscaler, Comodo, Lastline, and Stellar Cyber, among others. John was most recently Chief Product Officer at zero-trust cybersecurity company Ericom, which was acquired by Ericsson early last year, while Paul was VP Global Sales at Sandfly Security before starting PRE Security.

PRE Security also announced today the addition of Molly Mae Potter, VP, Greenlake Security, Risk, and Compliance at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE,) and a US Air Force veteran to its Board of Directors. “The vision of predicting cyber incidents before they happen, allowing a company to preempt or even prevent attacks is something all enterprises would benefit from, especially in our current compliance environment. I am excited about serving on the PRE Security board” said Potter, who previously also held leadership positions in Security Governance and Oversight, Business Operations, and Strategy at Dell Technologies in Austin, Texas.

PREdictive Vision
For the past decade in cybersecurity vendors have been focused on improving various Detect & Respond (DR) solutions, such as EDR, CDR, NDR, MDR, and XDR. While most vendors and service providers are focused on trying to reduce the Mean Time To Detect or Respond (MTTD/R) towards zero, PRE Security asked instead “Why wait for the attack before alerting at all? Why not predict it before it needs to be detected?”

PRE Security’s solutions, built on patent pending AI and ML techniques and a Predictive Risk Engineā„¢, are designed to work with and enhance existing SOC solutions including major SIEM, XDR, SOAR, Vulnerability Management, Attack Surface Management, and Security Risk vendors. This gives organizations a greater understanding of their cyber risk and what they can proactively do to improve and protect their operations, ensure their compliance, and reduce their risk through predictive guidance.

About PRE Security
PRE Security is a pioneering predictive AI cybersecurity company with a comprehensive vision of making Predict & Prevent as prevalent as Detect & Respond is today, using the latest advances in predictive analysis and generative AI. PRE Security Inc was founded in 2023 with offices in San Jose, California, and Salt Lake City, Utah. PRE Security is “Built By The Channel” and will be bringing its solutions to market globally with our partners later in 2024. Learn more at


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