Planswell Expands to Three New Countries

For the first time, households in Singapore, UAE, and Panama can build free financial plans at

TORONTO, March 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Planswell, the financial startup that has partnered with over 8000 local advisors in Canada and the US and attracted over a million households to build entire financial plans, including  over a quarter trillion dollars in assets, has expanded its service to households in Singapore, UAE, and Panama, with support in Chinese, Arabic and Spanish languages.

“Our platform was already multi-lingual (English and French) and was built to be easily adaptable for individual state and country financial planning standards.” said Eric Arnold, Planswell CEO.  “We’re starting in these countries to establish regional headquarters and expand through strategic partnerships.”

Unlike in Canada and the US, where Planswell partners directly with individual financial advisors and insurance agents to assist their users, internationally, Planswell will be expanding through joint ventures and exclusive partnerships.

The decision to work closely with one institution in each country demonstrates Planswell’s commitment to a tailored and efficient approach in delivering financial planning services. This approach enables the company to rapidly customize and implement a full-stack solution for onboarding and serving households in these regions. The collaboration on compliance and a streamlined user experience not only ensures adherence to local regulations but also enhances the overall value provided to advisors and clients across the country.

“Working closely with one institution in each country allows us to rapidly customize and implement solutions for onboarding and serving local households.” Said Scott Wetton, Co-Founder. “Each location has its own unique needs. When we partner with one company, we’re able to provide even more value and a more streamlined user experience.”

As Planswell continues to grow its footprint globally, these strategic partnerships play a crucial role in adapting its platform to diverse financial landscapes. By partnering with local institutions, Planswell aims to make comprehensive financial planning accessible to households worldwide.

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In three minutes, households can build entire financial plans on their phones, optimizing investment contributions, insurance, and debt, using Planswell’s AI driven platform, often to retire sooner with a significantly improved retirement lifestyle. Advisors using Planswell see an improved relationship with their clients and a more holistic implementation and management of their plans, attracting new clients faster and more sustainably. The system has been successfully tested in twenty countries proving high global demand for their solution. To learn more, visit

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