Pioneering Its Approach to Helping Companies Elevate Brand Objectives – Ubique Network Connects the GenZ Audience with Tech Startups Via Its Unique and Innovative Ambassador Program

LOS ANGELES, July 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Leveraging its revolutionary platform to link tech startups with the GenZ demographic, Ubique Network is making tremendous strides and exceeding expectations. By implementing a multi-channel strategy approach to startups’ growth, the company provides college students with valuable experiences and career opportunities, forging a path to success for its clients eager to market their product, and elevate their brand.

Focusing heavily on optimizing clients’ messages and key performance indicators while ensuring a high conversion rate and low acquisition costs, Ubique Networks is quickly developing a niche in college marketing that resonates with the GenZ audience. Through collaboration with several respective colleges, the company secures talented and passionate individuals that possess various marketing, creativity, integration, and other results-driven skills to establish mutually beneficial relationships with startups. These are Ubique Network’s college-ambassadors.

“Ubique Networks is building, growing, and empowering a community of high-motivated young entrepreneurs by relying on ambassadors to accelerate the success of early-stage tech startups in the marketplace,” explained Corrado Summartia, founder and chief executive officer. “As a startup growth accelerator, we specialize in helping these companies reach their growth marketing goals. We also enhance their organic growth potential by assisting them with their messages, websites, and in-app developments through focus groups and pilot programs.”

An indispensable asset to the company, the ambassadors representing Ubique Network work closely with these brands to promote their products and services on campus, and within their circle of friends, and communities. More specifically, these vital participants utilize multichannel marketing processes to accurately and effectively convey each message – connecting the brand with the community.

Startups We’ve Worked With

Ubique Network has established business relationships with various startups, including the sustainable second hand thrift shopping app Teleport, the AI powered fashion startup Statement, the social media app Katchup, and the dating app Doubble. Instrumental in their success, Ubique has supported their growth initiatives and activations in college marketing operations, consulting, and strategy planning.

What does the future of Ubique Network look like?

Ubique Network plans to forge future partnerships with other startups with mutual interests in working with college students to market their mobile apps to the GenZ audience. The company also aims to empower these students to follow their passion and interest in their respective industries. Ubique Network is planning to assist three more startups in the dating, health and fitness, and social networking industry in the 2023 Fall college semester. Moreover, Ubique envisions continued growth by providing integrated college marketing solutions that build momentum and guarantee high efficiency in a fast-paced environment.

About Ubique Network

Initially launched in October 2022 as a one-man operation, Ubique Network’s digital presence began to take shape the following January. Today, Summaria leads a team of highly trained experts in their field and several contractors. Based in Los Angeles with an office in a co-working space in Beverly Grove at the startup company Spaces, Ubique is focused on connecting early-stage startups with the GenZ audience to attain better conversion rates for startups, and career opportunities for college students. Ubique also partners and supports nonprofit organizations through its extensive college network, and other relative partnerships with student-led organizations in developing targeted growth marketing strategies for user acquisition and brand awareness.

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