OtherLeft Ventures Launches Healthcare-Focused Venture Studio in Nashville, TN

New venture studio reduces risk of building new ventures by combining financial capital, human capital, and analytical rigor.

NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — OtherLeft Ventures, a healthcare-focused venture studio, launched in Nashville early this year. OtherLeft Ventures is a cofounding platform that provides seed capital as well as product development expertise for SaaS startups in the healthcare technology space. OtherLeft Ventures was founded by long-time entrepreneurs Rodney Hamilton, M.D., Blaine Anderson, and Peter Marcum, who saw a need for a more hands-on approach to building startups. In addition to the founders, Blattner Technologies is a co-founding investor in the studio.

Unlike accelerators, incubators, angel groups and traditional VC, OtherLeft Ventures acts as a both a cofounder with talented entrepreneurs as well as an investor. Venture studios are unique in that they engage with concepts as early as the problem-identification stage, on through scaling, providing both seed capital as well as an initial team and process.

OtherLeft Ventures reduces risk of building new ventures by combining financial capital, human capital, and analytical rigor. “Our aim is to mitigate typical failure points one often encounters as an entrepreneur creating a startup in a complicated industry such as healthcare” explains Hamilton. “We have brought together a proven ecosystem of top talent in the areas of healthcare domain expertise, human-centered design, product management, software development, sales, marketing and legal/financial services”.

“We are looking for driven problem-solvers who are serving the healthcare industry. We are focused on innovators at the earliest stages, even idea-only, though we will consider companies who are further along.” says Anderson. “We are seeking founders or companies with innovative ideas that can really benefit from adding an experienced cofounder with a solid process and methodology.”

The new studio has closed its first investment and is actively looking for additional seed stage opportunities that fit with their investment process and thesis. 

OtherLeft Ventures is Nashville based healthcare-focused venture studio co-creating new B2B software businesses with driven entrepreneurs and innovators.

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