O’Shaughnessy Ventures Announces Partnership With Kyla Scanlon

Kyla Will Partner With O’Shaughnessy Ventures As An ‘Entrepreneur in Residence’  

GREENWICH, Conn., Jan. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Further to the public launch of O’Shaughnessy Ventures (OSV) on 1 January 2023 and its announcement of an internship program on 5 January 2023, OSV has announced that it is entering into a partnership with content creator, entrepreneur and founder of ‘Bread’, Kyla Scanlon.

Kyla will partner with OSV as an ‘Entrepreneur in Residence’. During her residency she will work with the OSV team and utilise OSV’s resources to explore and develop her vision for her financial education company ‘Bread’ as well as other projects she plans on announcing soon. She will also offer advice and support to the OSV team in connection with their mission to find and unleash creators’ infinite potential.

One of OSV’s goals is to identify innovative entrepreneurs and provide them with the tools and resources they need to put their ideas into the arena – something Kyla has already achieved on a large scale” said founder and CEO Jim O’Shaughnessy. “With the additional resources and teammates Kyla will now have as a member of OSV, I expect we’ll see some amazing new things from her in 2023, adding to her already incredible body of work“.

Kyla has a strong background in finance, economics and data analytics, having triple majored in these subjects and graduated as valedictorian of her class. A digital native, Kyla started writing an options trading blog online when she was just 18 years old. She has gone on to take the online content creator world by storm, running a Youtube channel, podcast, newsletter, TikTok, Twitter and Instagram where she shares educational finance content on a near-daily basis.

Kyla has an amazing ability to take complex subjects in fields such as finance, business and economics and explain them in a way that is fun, accessible and understandable. Her main goal is to conduct human-centric economic analysis and help connect the dots between current events and their underlying causes. Further information about Kyla can be found on her website.

I am really excited to partner with OSV and continue building out my company – along with some other exciting things coming soon!” commented Kyla. “I am grateful for the opportunity to work alongside Jim and the incredible team he has built, and look forward to the journey!”

Creators with ideas they are excited about can get in touch with OSV via the company’s website.

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