OpenSesame Revolutionizes Inclusive Learning at Scale for Global Workforces with the Launch of Simon

The first-of-its-kind creation and translation platform that simplifies course development and enables seamless multilingual training 

PORTLAND, Ore., July 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — OpenSesame, the business training platform for L&D professionals seeking innovative solutions and world-class courses, is proud to announce the launch of Simon, a first-of-its-kind course creation and translation platform. The launch of Simon marks the beginning of a new chapter for the elearning industry. Organizations who do not have the time or money to invest in language translations for multilingual staff are now able to develop high-quality courses quickly and translate them just as easily with this powerful course creation platform.

“Simon represents a significant milestone in global workforce training and embodies our commitment to innovation,” explains Josh Blank, President and Chief Product Officer at OpenSesame. “By integrating course creation, multilingual translations, and immersive learning experiences, Simon empowers organizations to deliver inclusive, impactful learning that transcends language and accessibility barriers. It’s a testament to our mission to help companies develop the world’s most productive and admired workforces.”

Unlike any existing tool today, Simon offers a game-changing approach to course creation and translation. Leveraging its intuitive interface, L&D professionals and subject matter experts can easily create courses that are as enticing and engaging as the content learners interact with on social media and other parts of the web—with no extensive instructional design or technical expertise required.

When a course is created, with just one click Simon will translate its text, audio, and video into multiple languages. As a cloud-based software tool, Simon can be accessed from any browser and changes to course content will be automatically updated for learners in any learning platform. This streamlines workflows, reduces costs, and enables organizations to quickly scale up the inclusivity of their training offerings. And, by offering more training in learners’ preferred languages, they increase the efficacy and relevancy of the material, too.

Simon is already redefining elearning success. Publishers like
, Axonify, and ej4 have started using Simon to create, translate, and publish their courses in OpenSesame’s marketplace. In terms of course ratings, Simon courses consistently outperform those created using other publishing tools, reinforcing its effectiveness and quality.

Simon will save organizations with diverse workforces—especially enterprise organizations—immense time and money, while also giving their learners more engaging and personally relevant training. You can learn more about Simon during the virtual launch event on Tuesday, July 18.

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OpenSesame, the leading provider of online business training, is the choice for L&D professionals wanting to drive learning initiatives forward with innovation, agility, and care. We offer the world’s most comprehensive digital learning catalog, with regularly updated content from expert publishers in a variety of formats and languages. By providing comprehensive learning resources and innovative tools like Simon, OpenSesame empowers L&D professionals to exceed their goals and champion learning across their entire organization.

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