Ohio Farmers Seek Out Louisiana-Based Vaccine Maker for Help as New OSU Study Finds Increased Risk Factors for Anaplasmosis marginale Infection in Ohio Cattle Herds

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Sept. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — University Products LLC highlighted a new study by Ohio State University on the prevalence of Anaplasma marginale and associated risk factors in beef cattle from Ohio – the first such study to report bovine anaplasmosis in Ohio herds. Results showed an estimated statewide molecular prevalence of 38.53% (95% CI, 33.26% to 43.81%), with some farms exhibiting higher prevalence than others (19.40% to 56.86%). Anaplasmosis is a blood disease carried by parasites that infects red blood cells and causes severe anemia and death – resulting in an annual global cattle loss estimated between $14$19 billion dollars.

Louisiana-based University Products produces the only effective vaccine against anaplasmosis that is approved for experimental use and successfully deployed in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and South America for over two decades.

Typical anaplasmosis treatments include a tetracycline antibiotic, or chlortetracycline supplied in feed and mineral supplements. All of these antibiotic treatments require a Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) for oral use, with most veterinarians warning that cows may not eat enough for an effective treatment. And due to recent FDA antibiotic restrictions, producers must also have a confirmed case of anaplasmosis to get a VFD. Anaplasmosis is particularly dangerous because many ranchers and producers do not notice signs of infection until it is too late. Confirmed cases usually involve the appearance of dead cows. And by then, much of the herd is already infected.

“In every case of anaplasmosis I saw last year, death was the first sign owners saw,” said Dr. Bat Brantley*, Union Veterinary Clinic in Farmerville, La. “There are treatments available for anaplasmosis, but by the time cattle are recognized as having clinical signs, they may be so sick that treatment is too late to be effective.”

“We’ve seen a rise in these infections in Ohio and other states – some farms are just naturally more at risk than others,” said vaccine developer, Dr. Gene Luther, D.V.M., Ph.D. “We want ranchers to protect their herds, and to do so, they need treatments that are effective. Our vaccine will always remain the best, most cost effective, protection farmers can get to fight this disease.”

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The University Products vaccine does not prevent infection, but when properly used, significantly reduces clinical signs in at-risk animals. The vaccine requires only two doses in the first year, with one annual booster each year thereafter and is safe to use in any stage of bovine pregnancy. A detailed description of the vaccine and its method of administration is publicly available for PDF download.

For more information on the University Products vaccine, with availability for farmers and producers, please instruct veterinarians to contact Dr. Luther directly by email at docndoc@aol.com.


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