Nucleus, a Data-Driven Psychedelics Platform, Begins to Orbit the Mental Health Crisis; Logan Lenz to Captain the Ship

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Nucleus, a South Florida startup focused on mental health data and technologies, today announced its launch. The company, which is wholly owned by the venture capital firm, Iter Investments, is unveiling an entire ecosystem designed to meet people where they are and support them on their mental health journey. The platform is centered around a unique search engine experience, which provides ample space for the self-discovery process to play out safely and effectively.

Nucleus is made up of technology, data, and media assets intended to deliver intelligence, education, and opportunities to those that are looking for a resource for self-discovery and industry information. Within the platform, participants can assess their emotional health, find treatments, journal their experiences, and fully own all of their documented health data along the way. This is all in an effort to give the power back to patients so they can better understand themselves as they grow and evolve.

Attached to Nucleus is a constellation of companies feeding the ecosystem with even more resources while providing participants with an array of opportunities. The list of assets include:

  • Neuly: A subscription-based data platform for researchers and professionals in the psychedelics and mental health industry
  • Psychedelic Invest: A resource equipping investors with reports and insights spanning the growing industry of plant, entheogenic, and psychoactive medicines
  • Matter Academy: A collection of training programs for wellness practitioners
  • Psyrise: A marketing partner for mental health brands
  • Particles: A decentralized community building the future of well-being

The creation of Nucleus first began when Iter Investments acquired Psychedelic Invest and Neuly in June of 2021. Managing Principal of Iter Investments Dustin Robinson explains, "Nucleus’ acquisition of Psychedelic Invest and Neuly provided Nucleus the foundation for building a robust ecosystem that captures data and disseminates it to the broad and growing psychedelic audience." Since then, the collective team of developers, researchers, and writers have been in stealth mode working to expand the Nucleus universe in order to help as many people as possible.

Serial tech and marketing entrepreneur, Logan Lenz, later joined as CEO of Nucleus to lead the way during the company’s ascent. Over the past 20 years, Lenz has founded several startups and worked with brands such as Disney, Coca-Cola, and Planet Fitness on their media plans. Then, after over a decade of building solutions himself, Logan became a consultant and advisor to many startups in the healthcare space. Billions of dollars of marketing and advertising spend later, Lenz has garnered a portfolio of success stories ranging from blockchain development to IPOs.

Recently, Psychedelic Invest, utilizing the vast database of Neuly, launched its 2021 Year-in-Review Report – a 100-page example of the deep analytical capabilities of both the platform and the team. In addition, Neuly has undergone a redesign and an upgrade to ensure its maintaining the most robust, secure, and reliable data in the industry.

In the near future, Lenz has plans for Nucleus to launch an NFT collection with the community and is finalizing a blockchain bridge that will allow clinics and therapists to integrate health records with the platform and store everything on-chain.

"Over the next few years, I believe we’re going to start to see the future of well-being unfold right before our eyes," said Lenz. Nucleus is well-positioned to serve as a foundational layer to what can eventually become a decentralized system for healthcare."

Robinson continued, "The global mental health crisis is arguably the largest challenge the world is facing right now. The world is suffering and people need information and support. Nucleus can assist all industry stakeholders including patients, clinicians, therapists, practitioners, investors, advocates, and psychedelic companies in some way – all while collaborating and helping to propel the entire industry forward."

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About Iter Investments
Iter Investments is an investment firm that deploys capital in and around the burgeoning psychedelic industry. Iter Investments invests with the mission of reimagining how the mental health and wellness industry delivers care. For more information, visit or email

About Nucleus
Nucleus is a discovery engine for the self. With its proprietary search technology, vast database, and suite of educational assets, the company hopes to propel transformative health treatments forward throughout its mission to help more than one billion people ‘journey back to the self.’ For more information, visit

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