NSV Wolf Capital Announces Closing of NSV Wolf Capital IV Hybrid VC Fund

LOS ALTOS, Calif., Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — NSV Wolf Capital (NSV, nsvwolfcapital.com) announced the successful final closing of its progressive investment vehicle, “NSV Wolf Capital IV Hybrid VC Fund,” on January 29, 2024.

NSV’s Hybrid Venture Capital (VC) Fund strategically combines investments into emerging managers of early-stage VCs along with direct investments into mid-stage startups. The firm’s approach selects multiple early-stage VCs that are experts in their respective industries, offering extensive exposure to promising startups. By closely monitoring thousands of portfolio startups, NSV identifies those poised for expansion, and then co-invests alongside our early-stage VCs. This hybrid strategy minimizes volatility in the seed-stage, maximizes deal exposure, and yields outsized returns in the mid-stage.

The firm also synthesizes innovation intelligence gathered from its hybrid investment activities, delivering valuable strategic insights to limited partners (LP) on current trends, successful business models, and other key information to enable their business transformation and innovation initiatives.

To date, NSV Wolf Capital IV Hybrid VC Fund has invested in nineteen early-stage VC funds, completed six co-investments, and built exposure to over one thousand portfolio startup businesses.

About NSV Wolf Capital

NSV (a.k.a., NetService Ventures, NSV Wolf Management LLC) is a venture capital investment firm founded in 2002. Situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, the firm has evolved from a boutique strategic consulting firm into a Hybrid VC fund manager. The firm specializes in providing access to startups and venture capital investments, employing a risk-adjusted approach to enhance returns while mitigating risks. Additionally, NSV actively bridges the gap between large corporations and early-stage startups to help both parties navigate the tectonic shifts in technology and culture.

Limited Partners (in alphabetical order)

BIPROGY, Future Group, Japan Business Systems, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, Nippon Life Insurance, NTT Group, SBI Shinsei Bank

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