NOLEJ, a Trailblazer in AI Solutions for Education, Has Secured 3 Million Euros in Funding, Accelerating Its Expansion

NEW YORK, Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a rapidly evolving educational landscape, NOLEJ, an innovative Edtech start-up, introduces an advanced AI copilot for teachers, designed to streamline the creation of engaging educational content. The funding round, led by Educapital and Square Knowledge Ventures, is a pivotal milestone in NOLEJ’s growth trajectory.

Revolutionizing Interactive Education

Educators face challenges in engaging students amidst information overload. A study by eLearning Guild shows that 75% of conventional course materials don’t meet current student needs. NOLEJ AI helps educators generate interactive eLearning modules up to 50 times faster than traditional methods. It significantly reduces the cost of creating compelling educational content, which previously could exceed €10,000 per hour.

Jonathan Denais, Investment Director at Educapital, asserts, “NOLEJ stands out as a European frontrunner in applying generative AI in education. They effectively leverage AI to tackle everyday challenges faced by educators.”

In the workflow of educators

Based on market standards, NOLEJ seamlessly integrates into the prevalent digital ecosystems used by millions of teachers such as Moodle, Canvas, Google Classroom, and Microsoft Teams, supporting multiple languages, including English, French and Portuguese. Philippe Decottignies, Founder and CTO of NOLEJ, explains, “Our architecture is designed as the AI backend of edtech, bringing the benefits of AI to all educational institutions, by upgrading their existing learning infrastructure.”

Proven Approach

“The combined value of pedagogical automation and curriculum intelligence is unique to NOLEJ. It allows for a much more dynamic approach to fulfilling almost any learning need from K-12 to higher-education and lifelong learning.” – Ricardo Prado Schneider, Partner at Square Knowledge Ventures

Built by a team with a decade of AI expertise, cognitive science and pedagogy, NOLEJ ensures accuracy in AI-generated content, circumventing biases and misinformation through its unique “ground Truth” models. Beta testing with 25,000 teachers and over 384 independent studies validate an 85% increase in course completion and a 75% improvement in retention for interactive content, significantly improving learning outcomes.

Nejma Belkhdim, co-founder and CPO of NOLEJ, emphasizes, “Our goal is to empower teachers to use AI responsibly, especially considering concerns about AI-generated content’s authenticity and reliability.”

From Recognition to Global Ambitions

NOLEJ’s international acclaim includes accolades such as Winner of the GESAwards for France, the European Innovation Council‘s Seal of Excellence and finals at the TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield and the ASU-GSV Cup in the USA.

Already adopted by 59,000 teachers across 10 countries, NOLEJ’s clientele includes key school districts in the USA and prestigious institutions like IMD and the Île de-France region in France, which provides their AI to 625 high schools. “Our vision is to empower educators with tools that not only meet their evolving demands but also inspire a new era of adaptive and accessible learning,” said Bodo Hoenen, CIO NOLEJ.

Scaling Operations for a Transformative Future

This financing round brings together prominent investors including Educapital, and SQUARE Knowledge Ventures, marking a pivotal moment in NOLEJ’s journey to reshape educational landscapes as it transitions from start-up to scale-up. Vincent Favrat, CEO of NOLEJ, notes, “NOLEJ is at the forefront of a paradigm shift in education, answering the need of 82% of educational institutions planning to integrate AI tools imminently.”


Co-founded between France and the United States by a group of serial entrepreneurs, NOLEJ specialized in natural language processing before the emergence of generative AI such as ChatGPT. Today, NOLEJ markets a mature product, co-developed with thousands of teachers in a collective intelligence approach. NOLEJ offers institutions and training centers an upgrade of their learning infrastructure, reinforced by ethical AI, directed to meet their specific needs.

About the Investors

Founded in 2017 by Marie-Christine Levet and Litzie Maarek, Educapital is the largest European impact investment fund dedicated to Edtech and the Future of Work. Backed by investment fund Gama Capital, SQUARE Knowledge Ventures, established in Rio de Janeiro in 2020, specializes in educational technologies. Neer Venture Partners, a new US based Seed fund specialized in B2B SaaS start-ups in Fintech and Edtech, also contributed to this funding round.


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