No More Brokers, Just a Pure Seller-to-Buyer Real Estate Experience – Reitrades Launches Elite Invitation-Only Real Estate Trading Platform

‘With 1100+ users from over 750 real estate investment firms so far, our platform already represents nearly $17 trillion in assets under management…’

MIAMI, Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Building the future of real estate investment sales, Reitrades officially launched its boutique digital trading platform offering real estate investors an easy high-tech marketplace to trade assets priced above $10 million. Already representing a core of highly accredited and active buyers looking for new acquisition opportunities, Reitrades covers commercial real estate investment properties of all asset classes across the United States. And best of all, sellers list their properties for free – paying only a single 0.1% platform fee for each transaction closed.

Reitrades: An Easy Broker-Free Way to Trade Real Estate

“We created Reitrades to bring the real estate industry into the 21st century,” said Artur Miller, Founder. “Right now, membership on Reitrades is by invitation only, but interested investors and buyers are welcome to apply, gaining access to the exclusive acquisition opportunities only offered here. We have created an easier, faster, and cheaper way to transact, offering sellers an up-to-date alternative to maximizing price on dispositions.”

Reitrades unlocks exclusive investment opportunities with assets that can only be listed on the platform and are not available for sale elsewhere. For sellers, the benefits are obvious:

  • Sophisticated marketing. Attract offers directly from accredited and vetted buyers. The platform auto-generates teasers, OMs, and email campaigns to share within the network.
  • No listing agreements. List or remove properties at any time with no minimums.
  • Confidentiality and a competitive sales process. Properties listed can only be accessed by platform users who have signed an NDA. Parties are anonymous until offers are submitted.
  • No tenant disruption. Explore properties via 3D virtual tours available directly from the platform.
  • Market testing. List properties on Reitrades at test prices to see what buyers are willing to pay.
  • Absolute lowest commission fee. Only pay 0.1% if a transaction closes. Optional premium marketing available.

With a target client base that includes private equity firms, family offices, real estate investment trusts (REITs), institutions, asset and investment managers, high net worth individuals and more, the platform requires investors to have at least $50 million in assets under management or have recent transaction history above $10 million.

On Reitrades, buyers enjoy:

  • No brokers and no intermediaries.
  • Exclusive property listings. No competition with unqualified buyers.
  • Offers and reviews submitted directly on the platform using convenient premade LOI templates or submit a custom LOI.

“All brokers rely on technology and automated systems to analyze, prepare, and market properties for sale,” said Artur Miller. “And most information on a deal comes from the buyer or the seller. The broker simply acquires the property and delivers. So why use a broker at all? We leverage data to create an automated sales process that connects sellers directly with the largest network of accredited buyers – creating seamless transactions at a significantly lower cost to everyone involved. And we already have plans to roll out more platform features as we begin to expand our reach worldwide.”

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About Reitrades – Powerful Automations; Seamless Transactions

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