NightRide Thermal – The Thermal Camera That Protects Lives

BROOKLYN, N.Y. , May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Imagine a camera that can see what your headlights can’t – a camera able to detect animals and humans as it picks up their body heat even on a dark road. This special thermal camera technology is now accessible to all drivers. Accidents with wildlife like deer can be avoided.  Someone lurking in the darkness can be seen on your mobile device.  Female-founded NightRide is a revolution for driver safety; a "must-have" tool with an accessible price, fast installation and endless possibilities – the world’s most versatile vehicle-mounted thermal cameras.  

"NightRide was founded to bring peace of mind, ease of use, and safety to drivers in all driving conditions," says Mary Ellen Kramer, President of NightRide Thermal. "We have been overwhelmed by the demand in markets we never anticipated before like farmers, anti-poaching groups, commercial truckers and snow-plow teams. Our mission has expanded to helping the world see beyond the scope of light."

NightRide brings visibility to the darkest of roads by revealing the unseen. This line of thermal cameras displays the heat signature of people, animals and objects in the road and "sees" four times further than headlights.

NightRide makes potential dangers visible long before drivers see them with their eyes. No light is needed for NightRide cameras to function in rain, smoke, snow, sleet, fog and glare. Each model, constructed from rugged, high-quality materials, can operate in harsh weather with temps ranging from -40⁰F to +140⁰F. 

NightRide provides vehicle-mounted thermal cameras for all types of uses. The company’s product line suits a multitude of utilities, including its Ranger, Scout, Sentinel and PRO-SL models. NightRide installs in under 5 minutes and streams real-time onto your device for heads-up display while driving. The camera features seamless wireless connectivity to smartphones, tablets, and laptops. NightRide auto-starts upon vehicle ignition and can be transferred between vehicles in seconds. The NightRide Ranger is GoPro mount compatible and is portable for use wherever needed.

NightRide Thermal is the leader in vehicle mounted thermal cameras. The company is a woman-owned small business that manufactures and distributes its cameras in the United States. In 2018, NightRide began its mission to bring safety and peace of mind to everyday drivers and first responders. Its ever-growing user base includes government, outdoor recreation, wildlife control/preservation, farming, trucking and boating.

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