National Financial Educators Council Establishes its Texas Chapter and Advisory Board

DALLAS, Jan. 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The National Financial Educators Council® is pleased to introduce the formation of its Texas chapter, the Texas Financial Educators Council℠ (TFEC). The TFEC was established with a mission to develop and deploy financial wellness campaigns that reach individuals and whole communities with effective, sustainable, and scalable programming.

As part of a nationwide effort, the NFEC chose Texas as one of the initial launch states due to the demonstrated need for greater economic empowerment among Texans. For example, the Lone Star State stands higher than the national average for percentage of residents living below the poverty level, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Many Texans also face food insecurity and the state ranks in the top six for housing insecurity, recent data show.

In terms of financial education standards in schools, Texas earned a “B” grade from the American Public Education Foundation as of 2022. The accomplishments leading to this grade include requiring a high school financial literacy course with standards in place; mandating that high schools offer financial literacy as an elective; and developing financial education standards for grades K-8.

The Texas Financial Educators Council’s mission pivots around three central pillars: 1) increase and sustain access to financial education across the state; 2) gain support for and build awareness about financial education to increase economic empowerment; and 3) form strong collaborative partnerships that support implementation of financial wellness initiatives in Texas communities.

To help the TFEC accomplish these objectives, the organization selected a group of respected professionals to serve on its Texas Advisory Board. Members of the Board serve in different roles to support the TFEC toward making a positive social impact. The TX Financial Educators Council Board members include:

  • Dr. Melissa Weathersby, President and CEO of 5-Star Empowerment
  • Marlon Green, Founder of Prosperous Athletes Financial Education
  • Gerardo King, Investment Banker, Member of the Board of Directors of Peak 10 Energy
  • Vince Shorb, Founder and CEO of the National Financial Educators Council
  • Sharita Humphrey, Certified Financial Education Instructor and Small Business Advisor
  • Paul Goebel, Founder and Director of UNT’s Student Money Management Center

“We are delighted to introduce the formation of our Texas chapter,” says Vince Shorb, CEO of the NFEC. “The initiatives we imagine will support individuals, families, and organizations around the Lone Star State to reach greater financial wellness. The members of the advisory board, along with our partners and patrons, are on track to help us make a meaningful contribution to the financial health of all Texans.”

The NFEC makes financial wellness resources, processes, and materials accessible to individuals and organizations around Texas. Further, the NFEC trains a cadre of instructors through the Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI®) program to make a well-qualified team of financial educators available to corporations and community groups across the region.

The Texas Financial Educators Council is a state-level branch of the National Financial Educators Council, an IACET Accredited Provider and Certified B Corporation with a social impact agenda. The NFEC empowers a global team of financial literacy advocates and champions with top-quality resources and training to spread the financial wellness message in communities worldwide.

Trevor Stoll

SOURCE National Financial Educators Council