Metify Hits a Home Run for MLB

MADISON, Wis., Jan. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Major League Baseball migrated their ballparks from virtualized to bare metal servers for the 2021 season with the help of software startup Metify.

In what can only be described as a "Home-Run" for any software company let alone a 1-year-old startup based in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. Metify’s Mojo Platform is now the bare metal orchestration platform for all Major League Baseball ballparks in North America.

Partnered with Google and Toronto-based system integrator Arctiq, Metify was able to quickly demonstrate the value that Mojo Platform could bring to MLB’s ballparks roll-out. Mojo is the first open standards based hardware orchestration platform that can discover, provision, and maintain servers from any manufacturer (Dell, HP, SMC, etc.) remotely. This makes it an indispensable new tool for data centers and edge deployments alike.

"Mojo Platform was an integral part of our Anthos ballpark roll-out. Using Mojo we were able to streamline and SIMPLIFY our development pipelines, cutting our deployment times in half.", said Google Cloud Fellow and MLB Systems Architect Kevin Backman.

"Implementing Mojo Platform at the core of MLB’s new hybrid infrastructure has been a dream come true for us."  said co-founder and CEO
 "being a big Brewer fan and seeing our software help deliver their gametime apps like Statcast and Hawkeye is simply beyond cool."

Metify is the software publisher of Mojo Platform™

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