Linkstory Announces the Launch of Online Mentoring Services for College Admissions

The company provides personalized sessions regarding all aspects of college admissions provided by undergraduates and experienced consultants

The company currently has a launch promotion providing the first mentoring sessions for free for any new users.

Linkstory’s goal is to have 100,000 users by the end of 2023

LEWES, Del., Oct. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With the vision to democratize college admissions consulting to anyone of need, Ed tech startup, Linkstory, has successfully soft launched its online mentoring service in September, 2022. Linkstory attempts to solve the problem of the daunting and unclear college admission process. As the subjective factors of admissions (essays and extracurriculars) become more important, the opaqueness continues to rise, which makes it more difficult for students to figure out their applications to their dream schools. By offering mentoring services to focus on personalized subjective factors at an affordable price (~$50/session), Linkstory hopes to bring about transparency to the admissions market.

Democratizing the changing college admissions process

Linkstory’s main goal is to improve accessibility and uncover the opaque criteria for the college admissions market. Linkstory will offer services, such as one-on-one mentoring services for general consulting, interviews, and resume proofreading. These services are all provided remotely and within the platform, which makes the process hassle-free for students around the globe.

By the end of 2022, the company also plans to launch an AI-based essay analysis tool to help students improve their college essays. This revolutionary algorithm is backed by thousands of accepted student essays from top universities.

“There is a huge potential for the 15 million high school students who are aiming for their next step after high school,” says Linkstory’s founder, Kenny Youn. “The current college admissions trend is shifting more and more towards the personalities of these students and we hope to bring the best out of them by becoming their companion along their journey. Youn reiterates, “It does not have to end just at high school, we also have career advisors who will help these students with their job applications and interviews as they also enter the job market after graduating from college.”

Recent studies conducted by Linkstory showed that U.S. students and parents spend an estimated $6,000 every year on some form of college consulting, mainly due to the shortage of high school guidance counselors. On the contrary, the average price of a mentoring session on Linkstory is drastically lower at around $50, which is less than half of the prices offered by other services. Additionally, each and every mentor on Linkstory goes through rigorous background checks and quality control for their sessions. With around 1,000 mentor applications per month, Linkstory maintains a high standard of mentors with just around 5% mentor acceptance rates. Linkstory is currently holding a launch campaign where all new users can experience their first mentoring session for free.

About Linkstory

Linkstory is an online college admissions consulting platform launched in 2022 by founder Kenny Youn. Linkstory provides one-on-one live mentoring services to high school students, which cover a wide range of topics regarding secondary school admissions on a pay-as-you-go basis. An experienced pool of mentors gives valuable recommendations to the students.

Current investors for Linkstory include KVIC (Korea Ventture Investment Corp.) with many other renowned angel investors based in Seoul, which accumulated to around $1 million in seed funding*. Linkstory currently has over 200 mentors who specialize in admissions, and is growing rapidly each month with more future potential.

 *$1 million based on the U.S. dollar – Korean Won conversion rates on 21 Oct 2022. 

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