Kim Kardashian, Dr. Bernice A. King, Alice Johnson and Academy Award Nominated Writer/Directors Collaborate to Amplify Ready Life’s Mission to Increase Homeownership

Kim Kardashian premieres the first commercial by Ready Life, the new fintech platform paving a new pathway to homeownership without credit scores– featuring Dr. Bernice A. King and Alice Johnson.

ATLANTA, Aug. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On September 4, 2022, during the annual Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Orange Blossom Classic football game, a new type of commercial will air nationwide on ESPN 2. The commercial, which features Dr. Bernice A King and presidential pardon recipient Alice Marie Johnson, includes editorial input by Academy Award-Nominated writer Terry Rossio– whose credits include Shrek and Pirates of the Caribbean. The commercial, first debuted by Kim Kardashian via her social media channels on August 29th, is an example of what happens when the formidable forces of history, entertainment and technology converge to promote uplifting ideology and transformative technology that will improve the lives of millions. The spot introduces the new Ready Life fintech platform that provides a pathway to homeownership without evaluating one’s credit score.

"This is such a groundbreaking concept, and it was thrilling to work alongside such trailblazers in history and culture," shares the acclaimed screenwriter Terry Rossio. "Ready Life’s platform will help millions achieve the dream of home ownership, and that’s a story I’m pleased to tell," states Rossio, who also serves on the Ready Life Advisory Council.

The incredibly moving commercial, which includes a captivating storyline and powerful imagery of families purchasing a home for the first time, was written by Ready Life founder and CEO, Ashley D. Bell and executive produced by Bryce Hall of Bolt Entertainment in Atlanta. Ben Orisich served as director, with input from Academy Award-Nominated Director Shaka King– whose credits include Judas and the Black Messiah. King is a supporter of the Ready Life mission and is an outspoken advocate for bridging America’s wealth gap.

Dr. Bernice A. King, the daughter of Dr. MLK Jr. and Coretta Scott King, has a lead role in the commercial, communicating her father’s famous words that "economic injustice is the inseparable twin to racial injustice." Dr. Bernice A. King is also a co-founder of Ready Life and serves as chair of the Advisory Council.

Cultural icon Alice Marie Johnson opens the commercial with a voiceover that appeals to second chances for those who "may have fallen on hard times or made mistakes in the past." In 2018, Johnson received a commutation of her prison sentence with the help of reality television star Kim Kardashian, who took up her cause and enlisted a team of lawyers–culminating in an Oval Office meeting with the president. Johnson had served 21 years of a life prison sentence for a first-time non-violent offense.

"I was very honored to be asked to be a part of this important message," says Johnson. "Just as Kim Kardashian was instrumental in giving me a second chance, I am honored to work with Ready Life to provide individuals with second chances and I can’t express enough how important it is to remove unnecessary barriers for families who simply want to live out the American dream."

Ashley D. Bell, Ready Life founder and CEO believes the commercial has historical and cultural significance– airing during the most anticipated annual football game among HBCUs. "I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who helped bring this commercial to fruition," Bell states. "It’s far more than a commercial. I believe it represents a decisive moment in history. A moment that brought together historical figures, Hollywood and culture to communicate a very important message–that we are greater than our past and we can continue to overcome racial and socioeconomic injustice to forge a more just future."

Bell believes that technology has the ability to solve entrenched problems in new ways. "Our Ready Life team is very grateful that we now live in a time where technology can be utilized as a tool to help undo a system that has not served all Americans well–and create a new system that will. We are both humbled and proud to present a new path to homeownership."


Ready Life is an innovative fintech platform with a suite of financial tools that empower individuals to create and preserve generational wealth. With Ready Life Mortgage, customers who pay their rent on time using the Ready Pay digital account, can apply for a mortgage–no credit score needed. Ready Life’s products and services enable those who aren’t adequately served by current financial systems and give individuals the power to improve their lives through everyday actions. Ready Life is founded by former White House Policy Advisor for Entrepreneurship & Innovation and corporate finance attorney, Ashley D. Bell– alongside Dr. Bernice A. King– the daughter of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Visit to sign up to secure a place in line to apply for a Ready Life account that can lead to home ownership.

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