JustAnswer Offering Free Access to Tax Experts for Answers to Last Minute Tax Questions Via New “Tax Chat” Site

Last-minute filers can connect online with live tax pros for free within minutes, skipping hours on hold with IRS hotline

SAN FRANCISCO, April 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — JustAnswer, a popular Q&A website that connects people with experts for on-demand professional help, has launched a new online chat feature that puts taxpayers with last minute questions in touch with professional tax experts in three minutes or less.

For nearly 20 years, JustAnswer has connected people with doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, and tax experts for expert help, but for the first time, people can chat for FREE online with live, credentialed tax specialists for answers to their personal tax questions via a special Tax Chat site (https://www.justanswer.com/taxchat) operating now through the April 18th IRS tax filing deadline. Given that one in three (33%) Americans wait until the first two weeks in April to file their taxes*, the special JustAnswer Tax Chat site provides an eleventh-hour lifeline for people struggling to navigate new tax laws and Pandemic-related issues such as the Advance Child Care Credit, stimulus payments and more.

Unlike other tax assistance services available, JustAnswer Tax Chat is:

  • Convenient – it connects people in minutes to a live specialist for an interactive, online chat rather than having to endure lengthy hold times to reach an agent on the official IRS hotline
  • Available to anyone who needs it, not just those using a specific tax software program or working with a professional preparer
  • Free – no credit card or other payment information is required to speak with a JustAnswer tax pro

"The weeks leading up to the IRS deadline is always one of the busiest times of the year for our finance experts on JustAnswer, with the number of tax questions nearly doubling from about mid-March on. This year, we wanted to provide access to online chat with experts to anyone, free of cost through a special dedicated site," explains JustAnswer Executive Vice President of Operations Pamela Webber. "Now, instead of waiting hours to speak to a live human being, or randomly searching the internet for information, they can be connected to a real person within three minutes for an online chat to get the professional tax expertise they need."

Founded in 2003 and now the world’s largest online Q&A site, JustAnswer has hundreds of verified and vetted tax professionals working round-the-clock on its platform to help visitors to itsTax Chat site this year.  So far in 2022 alone, the company has already received over 22,000 tax questions and expects to process more than double that by the end of April – primarily related to pandemic-related programs and issues such as the Advance Child Care Act, stimulus payments and home office deductions. Typically, the number of questions increases more than 60% in the final two weeks leading up to the annual filing deadline.

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*Source: IPX 2021 Survey: https://www.ipx1031.com/americas-biggest-tax-procrastinators-2021/

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