Is it Skill or is it Luck? AI-Powered ‘Stock Picker’s Scorecard’ Revolutionizes Mutual Fund Assessment with First-Ever True Measure of Active Manager Skill

WILMINGTON, Del., Oct. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Turing Technology ( introduces the Stock Picker’s Scorecard, a groundbreaking AI-driven tool that offers a real-time view from inside of mutual funds, while revolutionizing the way advisors and investors evaluate fund managers’ true stock-picking abilities.

What Makes the Stock Picker’s Scorecard Unique? Turing has cracked the code on mutual fund intelligence through our breakthrough™ technology that can replicate, on a real-time basis, the holdings of over 2,000 actively managed US equity mutual funds. 

“There are virtually no secrets anymore with Fund holdings are laid bare,” emphasized Rob Nestor, president of Turing Technology. He added, “We now have at least four years of replicated data on 95% of the actively managed US equity universe. We know what the managers are buying and selling, we know their favorite stock picks. Through the Scorecard, Advisors and professional investors can now benefit from that knowledge.”

Who Benefits? Designed for Financial Advisors and professional investors, the Scorecard provides actionable data regarding fund performance and manager skills. The Scorecard provides several types of data-driven flags:

  1. Poor performance: Funds that cannot achieve even a 20% success rate vs their benchmark trigger a red warning flag. Quality performers who have seen significant near-term falloff trigger yellow warning flags.
  2. Hidden “closet indexers”: If a manager’s highest conviction stock picks are less than 25% of the assets of the fund, it triggers a yellow warning flag.
  3. “Hidden Gems”: Funds with Scores in the top two deciles and are smaller than $1 billion in assets earn an emerald flag

Go to to access a complementary sample Stock Picker’s Scorecard and find a $50 billion ‘red flag’ fund, a $100 billion ‘closet indexer’, and a $100 million Hidden Gem.

Can the Scorecard be Used by Advisors to Acquire New Clients? Yes. Sign up for the Client Acquisition Report, send to Turing a list of a prospective client’s current actively managed funds, and Turing will return a personalized report. The Report’s warning and hazard flags can then be used to educate the client on why they would benefit by transitioning their account.

Can the Scorecard help find emerging, strong managers? Yes. Sign up for the Hidden Gems Report, and receive monthly a rotating list of 10 ‘hidden’ managers that deserve attention due to strong performance.

“I’ve always been a raving fan of revolutionary fintech for the asset management business” said Gib Watson, Founder of Prima Capital and former Vice Chair of Envestnet. “Throughout the industry, manager research and due diligence teams rely on stale and infrequent portfolio holdings to make judgements. Turing’s technology is a real game-changer for identifying best-of-breed active managers who truly earn their keep.”

Take it for a test drive yourself. Go to to access a complementary Stock Picker’s Scorecard and a Case Study featuring the Client Acquisition Report.

Turing offers several plans to access the Stock Picker’ Scorecard, Client Acquisition Reports, and the Hidden Gem report, with the Professional plan starting at $399 per month. Customized solutions for commercial clients are available. Please contact
 for more information. 

About Turing Technology (

About Turing Technology: A fintech pioneer, Turing merges AI and machine learning to access unparalleled mutual fund intelligence, while redefining how investment strategies are built and delivered. The breakthrough fund replication technology has been operational since 2016, and its database currently houses the replicated daily holdings and weights from 95% of the actively managed universe (more than $4 trillion in fund assets). Turing’s lead offering is Ensemble Active Management, which is poised to transform active investment management. 

Turing is not an investment management or advice firm. It is a technology company that licenses its technology and Intellectual Property to financial and investment firms to allow them to create and deliver superior investment solutions. 

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