Irene Day Sponsors the Ohio Chapter of the National Financial Educators Council

CINCINNATI, Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Irene Day’s vision of strengthening Ohio communities by making top-quality financial programming broadly accessible around the state is being realized this month as the NFEC launches its state branch, the Ohio Financial Educators Council. In conjunction with the launch, select nonprofits, schools, and community organizations now may receive complimentary financial education programming.

The focus of the Ohio Financial Educators Council is to employ the NFEC’s nationwide mission to help Ohio residents meet their unique financial challenges. The support and materials are offered at no charge to Ohio-based groups that are interested in bringing financial education designed for all ages of learners to have a positive effect on local communities.

Irene Day’s professional and personal experiences are characterized by her talent for bringing a wide variety of individuals and organizations together to work toward a common goal: improving people’s lives through financial wellness. As President and CEO of Hannah Financial, she has distinguished herself for her passion, community service, and the ethical, professional conduct of her business endeavors.

The availability of financial wellness resources will help the many Ohioans who face economic challenges. According to Ohio financial statistics, many state residents face issues such as poverty, food insecurity, and housing insecurity.

Irene Day comments as follows: “I am dedicated to giving real-life financial literacy solutions to individuals and organizations. Over the past 5 years, I have grown to feel truly passionate about educating people so they don’t fall into the same financial hardships I experienced early in life – all from just not understanding how money worked.” 

Besides sponsoring this initiative, Irene Day also is an active participant helping guide the direction of the Ohio Chapter’s Advisory Board, a body formed to help move the Council and the financial wellness movement forward. Board members undertake various roles to support the leadership team to inspire positive social change. 

In the short-term, the Ohio Financial Educators Council has an objective to make a positive difference in terms of statewide financial literacy. From a longer-term perspective, the Council seeks to help Ohioans accomplish greater financial security.

The mission of the Ohio Chapter is founded on three pillars: 1) increase access to and develop sustainable financial education programming around Ohio; 2) attract support and build awareness about economic empowerment through financial education; and 3) create strong relationships to implement sustainable community financial wellness initiatives.

The Ohio Financial Educators Council is one branch of the National Financial Educators Council – a Certified B Corporation® and IACET Accredited Provider with a focus on mobilizing a worldwide team of financial wellness advocates and champions, empowering them with materials and training to support communities and spread the message globally about improving financial well-being.

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