InvestorKeep Announces New AI-powered Financial Monitoring Service and Timely Alerts Based on Current Industry Data

CHICO, Calif., Sept. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — InvestorKeep, an independent, third-party service provider that monitors financial and investment accounts while alerting users to challenges and opportunities across their entire financial portfolio, announced the release of their companion app on the Apple Store and Google Play. InvestorKeep is a fintech company in Northern California designed to keep your financial accounts aligned with your financial goals. Trying to understand the nuances of every investment, loan, and banking account is overwhelming, time-consuming, and often leads to lost opportunities and avoidable fees. The InvestorKeep platform organizes all your accounts, monitors them 24/7, and sends actionable alerts designed to help you get the most out of your money.

Artificial Intelligence powered financial monitoring

InvestorKeep connects to your entire portfolio in search of efficiencies, opportunities, and challenges. Alerts are issued directly to you with explanations empowering you to make smart, proactive changes when necessary. With timely information, you can forward alerts to your financial professional to make necessary adjustments and keep you moving toward your financial goals.

Fight Against Predatory Fintech

Many fintech companies offer tools to lure customers away from their current banks and wealth management firms. InvestorKeep allows you to stay with your current financial professionals while using the platform to your best interests with the best available financial products. Banks and credit unions have partnered with InvestorKeep to help their customers and members improve their overall financial well-being. This includes a partnership with financial advisors at Morgan Stanley.

After receiving an alert, you can connect with your financial professional to discover available money-saving options. Lower interest rates, reduced fees, or strategic investments are all possibilities you may be missing, but with InvestorKeep, you can stay up to date with your potential.

The InvestorKeep platform is designed to give customers peace of mind that all their accounts, banking to investments, are being managed well, fees are appropriate, and investments match their age and stage of life,” said Michael Dailey, InvestorKeep founder.

About InvestorKeep

InvestorKeep is a powerful financial monitoring online software company. It is designed to eliminate the financial vulnerabilities of people at all ages and stages of their financial journey. Learn more at Follow us at @InvestorKeep.

Media Contact: Michael Dailey

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