InterMedia Launches Groundbreaking Entrance into the Metaverse

MetaTope is creating a new era of NFTs with interoperable use cases for blockchain technologies that will provide utility across the Metaverse, gaming and other platforms

LOS ANGELES, June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MetaTope today announced its launch as a Metaverse onboarding platform, building blockchain-based solutions to drive NFT utility and adoption of specialized technology. Through the development of applications that facilitate Metaverse and Web3 interactions for consumers and businesses, MetaTope is focused on creating more practical and interoperable use cases for blockchain technologies – ultimately increasing ease of use across the Metaverse, gaming and various platforms. The company will revolutionize how NFT tokens bring value and interest to the space, moving past the traditional and singular concept of NFT utility as a piece of art in a virtual room.

Debuting as a subsidiary of InterMedia Group of Companies, MetaTope was founded to improve and build upon existing technologies for NFTs. The company is creating use cases that focus on user-friendly applications and improving the overall experience of the virtual world. Interoperability is inevitable and MetaTope is building the foundation to bring Web3 to the masses and bridge the gap between digital and real-world experiences.

MetaTope’s revolutionary tools will allow content creators to control their intellectual property (IP), offer seamless integration for brands and provide a space for other Web3-based companies to bring a new profound advantage to their communities.

"Web3 and the blockchain will touch every business and individual in the world and MetaTope was created to help build their foundations for everlasting future growth," said Jordan Yallen, CEO of MetaTope. "The explosive growth of NFTs in 2021 showed us we are just scratching the surface of a technological revolution. MetaTope is the necessary next step in accelerating the world of NFTs and driving utility for emerging blockchain technologies to emphasize their long-term value."

MetaTope’s first step into the market will be the inaugural launch of the company’s first collection of NFTs, MTskins, designed in collaboration with Jerad Marantz, world-renowned concept artist behind the superheroes and villains of the Marvel and DC Universes. MTskins are photorealistic, interoperable and Web3-integrated 3D avatars secured by the Ethereum blockchain.

With this forthcoming launch, MetaTope brings the inevitable interoperability to avatars in the NFT space, allowing digital identities to be used across the metaverse. This will give users the ability to own and personalize their virtual identities by accessorizing their MTSkins and use them across multiple platforms including social media pages, gaming, augmented reality, virtual reality and more. MTSkins gives the user the chance to showcase who they are in the digital world with personalized skins and accessories, just as clothing and accessories help represent them in the real world. 

MTskins will be housed in the soon-to-come Metatope app, slated to launch in July, where users become their avatar using their device’s cameras along with the first-ever markerless motion capture technology with the ability to simultaneously capture users’ face, full-body, and hands. The app will allow for synergy across the eventual MetaTope Social Media Platform as well as other social platforms allowing users to see a reflection of themselves in the metaverse.

MetaTope will follow this initial launch with a social platform that mirrors the metaverse, where users can post, share and add value to their NFTs all at the tips of their fingers.

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About MetaTope

MetaTope is a platform that onboards news users into the metaverse for consumers and businesses, and builds blockchain-based solutions to drive the future of NFT utility. MetaTope’s AR mobile application and first NFT collection will be released this summer.

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