Infinite Analytics Raises Funds From a Syndicate Led by Ex Coca-Cola Executives

MENLO PARK, Calif., March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Infinite Analytics raises an undisclosed amount for its AI platform, Sherlock ( from a syndicate of investors that include marketing execs from Coca-Cola (one of its clients), John Hancock Investments and others. Sherlock provides clients like Pfizer, Coca-Cola, Tata Motors, and many other SMBs, the most powerful knowledge graph as a service, to enable consumer behavior analyses and customer acquisition.

Sherlock analyzes almost 200m users (anonymized) every day, to understand and predict consumer behavior. It’s multiple datasets (40+), allow Sherlock to identify correlations and patterns in consumer behavior, that are both, offline and online, giving a complete footprint of their lives. This provides a big impact, especially when it comes to Customer Acquisition. They have increased conversions by over 300%, while reducing cost by ~50% for most of our clients. Using Sherlock AI, clients have gotten a Return on Ad Spends from 3x to as high as 39x. In times when companies’ Customer Acquisition Cost has increased tenfold due to recent Meta (Facebook) and Apple tussle, Sherlock’s deep audience insights work across every platform, in a build once, use everywhere mode.

Wasim Basir, ex Coca-Cola executive, and one of the investors in the round says, "IA’s platform, Sherlock, blew us away, especially when we saw how layering multiple datasets could provide us with consumer insights that we had never known. What they have been able to provide to not only Coca Cola, but also with Tata Motors and Pfizer, is groundbreaking. And now with their rollout of Sherlock for SMBs – it’s like making a Rolls Royce affordable to everyone. The knowledge graph has been vetted by industry veterans, and it has come out trumps."

Akash Bhatia, Co-founder & CEO of Infinite Analytics, says, "Sherlock has consistently proven its mettle both in enterprise and SMB clients, across regions. This capital infusion allows us to scale up our operations and platform for the United States and India. We are expanding the team and have some great talent that we are bringing on board. This will help us scale Sherlock, especially as we are rolling out the Do-it-yourself version of Sherlock for SMBs. This syndicate also will help us get access to some of the largest brands in the CPG world. It’s great to have them onboard this rocket ship."

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SOURCE Infinite Analytics, Inc.