How a Cryptosecure Election Protocol Can Solve Our Election Problems by Securing the Vote and Building Trust

SUGAR LAND, Texas, Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — America needs secure elections. Millions of Americans believe the 2020 presidential election results were fraudulent. Regardless of whether fraud actually occurred, the current election system has security weaknesses at multiple points, and the perception the voting was compromised undermines trust in the electoral process. This trust must be restored if our nation is to function. There is a straightforward solution.

“If a cryptographically-based protocol for securing elections can be made to fly, it can do much to secure free and fair elections as well as to boost voter confidence that votes are being accurately counted and not mixed with fraudulent votes.”                                  

    – Bernard Fickser, Ph.D., Expensivity, Cryptocurrency Specialist

Both banking security and election security come down to respective accounting problems, either keeping track of money or keeping track of votes over time. The difference arises in that the money in a financial ledger has an explicit provenance, whereas a free and fair election requires separating the identity of the voter from the ballot cast. The proposed protocol is able to conceal the identity of voters while verifying that they voted and for whom they voted.

Banking cybersecurity techniques can be applied to electoral accounting using various ledgers: a voting ledger recording the votes for each of the candidates, a ledger of registered voters, and a ledger of ballots, each subject to appropriate security protocols. These protocols would: (1) maintain a clean ledger of registered voters; (2) require appropriate proof of identity to get on this ledger; (3) keep a ledger of who voted; (4) verify the person who voted is the one on the ledger of registered voters; (5) preserve the record of ballots with date and time stamps and crypto-secured voter information; and (6) enforce the transparency of the electoral process through independent auditors.

By satisfying these requirements using data integrity methods, notably blockchain and the NSA’s Secure Hash Algorithm stored using matrix barcodes, and by completing the protocol with two public-private encryption combinations and cryptographic nonces, Expensivity‘s Cryptosecure Election Protocol (CEP) ensures electoral security. You can read more about our CEP here:

Our CEP gets rid of easily-compromised dedicated voting machines and their uniquely purposed hardware and proprietary software (like that provided by Dominion Voting Systems), replacing them with verifiable functions that can be implemented on any computer with the requisite speed and memory. As our resident cryptocurrency expert and CEP architect, Bernard Fickser, remarks:

“…by simply following the protocol, [the requisite apps] can be multiply realized, with different companies providing the same functionality so that voters are not at the mercy of any one app development company. Most importantly, through the Cryptosecure Election Protocol, voters will be able to track their votes, see that they have been correctly counted, and be able to provide rock-ribbed evidence to the contrary if there is election fraud.”

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