Honely.com and HousingAlerts.com Announce Strategic Partnership

BOCA RATON, Fla., Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Honely and HousingAlerts announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will expand both of their networks and allow them to further disrupt the real estate ecosystem together.

The agreement brings together two leaders in real estate analytics. Both platforms, honely.com and housingalerts.com, provide statistics and analytical tools that greatly assist real estate investors. Although the two platforms take a different fundamental approach towards their statistics, they have combined forces to provide investors with the most holistic overview of a neighborhood’s potential rental growth and home price appreciation.

Founder of HousingAlerts, Ken Wade, has achieved great success in applying technical analysis to real estate markets and in accurately predicting real estate cycles. Meanwhile, Honely is excelling at bringing a fresh perspective. Honely prides itself on predictive analytics and utilizes AI and machine learning to arrive at accurate predictions. Armed with both techniques and a shared vision, this partnership could prove to be very fruitful for both parties and advantageous for anyone engaged in real estate investing. 

"The U.S. real estate market has never seen such volatility; there is no reason to invest blindfolded when reliable data is now available and accessible due to resources like HousingAlerts.com and Honely.com. This partnership is definitely one to pay attention to if you’re interested in investing in real estate," said Ken Wade, Founder of HousingAlerts.

"With this strategic partnership, users of honely.com will be able to access an even wider array of institutional grade statistics to help them make informed investment decisions." said Founder and CEO Jonathan Shah.

Maxwell Schwarz, Honely.com President had this to say "Over the last few months Jonathan and I have had the opportunity to build an outstanding relationship with Ken, the CEO of HousingAlerts.com. He’s a pioneer in predicting real estate trends through analytics and we’re thrilled to be working with him."

About Honely
Honely is a predictive analytics company which uses high-level data science techniques to deliver unique statistics such as home-value forecasts up to 36 months into the future, migration trends, neighborhood growth forecasts, zip code rankings, and more. On Honely.com, all of these insights are delivered in real time and can be downloaded in customizable reports. The site also has interactive features that allow users to make important calculations and estimates, serving as a fully comprehensive tool for RE investors. 

About HousingAlerts.com
HousingAlerts is founded by Ken Wade, a Harvard M.B.A., C.P.A. who has extensive experience in real estate investing. Through his own exploits and his thorough understanding of market psychology, he has been very successful in applying technical analysis to real estate markets. His platform, HousingAlerts.com guides investors by distinguishing trends, identifying hot markets, and much more.

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